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The Gir National Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Gujarat. It is famous all over the world as the last refuge of the Asiatic lion which is on the brink of extinction. Tourists from far off countries arrive here in large numbers to witness these last remaining Asiatic Lions of the world. The National Park has a core area of 259 square kilometers and a total area of 1412 square kilometers. Besides the forest, there are some other places of tourist interest near Sasangir. The tour packages for Sasangir National Park take you on organized trips to Sasangir National Park as well as all the other tourist attractions of the region.

The tour packages for Sasangir National Park vary greatly in terms of duration, costs and itineraries. Some tours are exclusively meant for safaris in Sasangir, and take 2 -3 days. The longer tours may extend to a week or more. These generally include visits to the nearby locations. Sasangir is located in the district of Junagarh which is home to many tourist attractions. The tours may involve visits to the erstwhile Portuguese fort city of Diu which is located at a distance of 110 kms. Porbandar, associated with the memories of Mahatma Gandhi, is another tourist spot that may be included in the itineraries of the longer tour packages for Sasangir National Park. Somnath temple is yet another site located nearby and is covered by most tour packages.

The Sasangir tour packages will definitely involve a safari in the National Park. The park has a population of about 350 lions according to the latest figures. The wildlife also comprises panthers, caracals, jackals, hyena, and jungle cat among the carnivores. Sambar, chital, chowsingha (four horned antelope), nilgai, and wild boars make up the prey animals of Gir National Park. A large number of birds are also spotted in the park, including the crested serpent eagle, and the great Indian horned owl. Safaris are conducted in jeeps, and are accompanied by experienced guides.

The tour packages for Sasangir National Park are all inclusive. You are left with nothing to worry about, as your accommodation needs are well taken care of in advance. Depending upon the type and class of the tour, accommodation is provided in the hotels of the area. The Lion safari camp and the Gir lodge are the notable hotels located in close proximity of the National Park. Your tour operator may offer you hotels in Veraval, a nearby town located about 42 kms from Sasangir. Junagarh is a major town and has many hotels. It is located about 65 kms away, and the tour packages for Sasangir should include a stop in this town that ahs many places of tourist interest.

As with any other tour package, the tour packages for Sasangir include transportation facilities. Just sit back and enjoy your journey as you are ferried from one spot to the other in comfortable air-conditioned tourist coaches or other tourist vehicles.

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