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Tourist Attractions in Rajkot

Rajkot is one of the most significant towns of Gujarat that played a pivotal role in the struggle for Indian Independence. Mahatma Gandhi spent the early days of his life in this town. It also remained the capital of Saurashtra state from 15 April 1948 to 31 October 1956 and presently it is an important hub for business and commerce. There are many tourist attractions in Rajkot that are dotted all over the town and should not be missed out at any cost during your travel to Rajkot.

Some of the important Tourist Attractions in Rajkot are:

Kaba Gandhi's Gate:
It is of immense importance and is in-fact Gandhiji's ancestral home which is now the repository of the “Gandhi Smriti”- a memorial museum that has photographs and several personal effects.

Watson Museum and Library:
It is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Rajkot and is located in the Jubilee Gardens. It is an instance to Saurashtra's rich cultural heritage and displays exhibits like copies of artifacts dating to the times of Mohenjodaro, 13th century carvings, silverware, natural history exhibits and textiles. Here you will also find a massive 19th century marble statue of Queen Victoria. It also houses several impressive portraits and photographs of prominent personalities of Saurashtra and European dignitaries, handicrafts, pottery and royal artifacts.

The Rajkumar College:
It is one of the oldest schools established in the year 1868 and was founded for the education of the Princely order by the Princes and Chiefs of Kathiawar. The college became a Public School in the year 1938 on the initiative of its founding members.

Mahatma Gandhi High School:
This school is also one of the prime things to watch in Rajkot established in the year 1853 and was formerly known as Alfred High School. This school has a Gothic Norman structure and was one of the highly-acclaimed schools for its unmatched standard of education. Mahatma Gandhi acquired secondary education from this school.

Jagat Mandir:
The pilgrim tourists must make a visit to the Jagat temple which occupies a significant place among the tourist attractions in Rajkot. It is an exquisitely carved temple of dedicated to Shri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and built of red stones.

Rashtriya Shala:
Rastriya Shala is of immense historical importance. On February 21, 1921, it made its humble beginning and started functioning in a rental premise in Rajkot. The land on which the main building stands was given by Shri Lakhajiraj, the ruler of the state of Rajkot, who was a staunch admirer of Mahatma Gandhi. offers online information on the Rajkot Tourist Attractions and also offers useful inputs on Rajkot.