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Culture of Puri

The ethos of Orissa society reflects in the culture of Puri. This place is also regarded as the temple town and considered as one of the Chaaro Dhaam as per Hindu Mythology. Standing on the Jagannath cult, the culture of Puri is a mixed bag of Odissi dance, religious stories, Ratha Yatra, and sweet delicacies.

The Odissi dance holds an important place in the life of the people of Orissa. The enchanting folk dance and the Odissi songs are integral part of the culture of Puri. Gotipua dance, Naga and Medha dance are popular dances in the area as well.

The various festivals of Puri are also a part of its rich culture. The festivals have a strong cultural belief and they reflect a traditional heritage. Some of the significant festivals of Puri are the Ratha Yatra, Car Festival, Chandan Snana, and the Snana Yatra and they bring together different people for a common reason. You will notice temple culture almost everywhere in Orissa. Arts, crafts, architecture, handlooms and handicrafts display the temple culture.

The beach festival in Puri is famous and people visit here for watching this festival as well. Here you can see the folk? dance of Orissa, classical dance, handicrafts and many more. This festival takes place during March and April. Nava Kalebara, which is the festival of change of external forms of three deities (Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra, and Subhadra) is an important festival. New idols are made and Puri gets excited with streets filled with joy and vibrancy. The official language of the state is Oriya, but people speak Hindi, Bengali, and English as well.

The picturesque town of Puri has several places to visit like the Konarak Temple, Dhavalgiri, Nandankanan and most important of all, the Jagannath Temple. Explore the beach of Puri, which is marked with vibrant waves and tranquility. This place is one of the important pilgrimage centers in India and different people visit Puri to pay tribute to Lord Jagannath. View the sunset and sunrise on the seashore and take a walk on the pristine beaches. The other places of interest to visit here are as follows:

  • Gundicha Temple
  • Sapta Matruka images near Markandeswar tank
  • Sakhigopal Temple at Sakhigopal
  • Gramswar Temple, Terundia, Nimapara
  • Manikapatana
  • Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road

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