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About Mysosre

   Mysore is rightly known as the �Cultural capital of Karnataka�. It is a scenic town located in the state of Karnataka and is also the second largest city in the state following the capital city of Bangalore. A travel to Mysore is always an enriching experience since you will come across its rich culture, heritage, glorious history, and breathtaking tourist sites apart from the genial and hospitable people. You should be well-informed about Mysore before setting out for a tour to this charming city as this would greatly help you understand the city before the actual trip starts. Mysore is located at the foothills of the famous Chamundi hills atop which the famous Chamundi temple is located and it is frequented by scores of tourists as well as pilgrims all the year round. provides helpful inputs about Mysore that would be of great help to those who are planning a trip to Mysore.

Fast Facts

Area : 128.42 sq kms
Population : 7, 99, 228
Altitude : 763 meters above sea level
Languages : Kannada, English, Tamil, Hindi
Best time to visit : October to March
STD Code : 0821


Ranganathittu The word Mysore has been derived from �mahishur� or �Mahishasurana Ooru�, which means the town of Mahishasura in the local language. Mysore also has certain mythological associations and has its mention in the Puranic story found in the Devi Bhagavatha. Legends about Mysore state that the Gangas used to rule this place in the 10th century and occupied a large part of the town. After the reign of the Gangas, the Cholas ruled over this place for over a century. The Chalukyas followed the Cholas and later they were driven away by the Hoysalas in the 12th century. Most of the architectural works were undertaken during the times of the Hoysalas since they were great patrons of art. The Vijayanagar Kings came into prominence after the Hoysalas, followed by the Wodeyar dynasty that started ruling over Mysore in 1399 A.D. The Wodeyar dynasty contributed a lot to make this town into a beautiful one. The most noteworthy development took place under the rule Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV. It was during his rule that many beautiful wide roads, superb buildings and magnificent parks were built.

Best Season, Climate, and Clothing

The weather in Mysore remains more or less pleasant throughout the year. During summer temperature may vary between 21� C and 34� C, while in the winters the temperature ranges from 16� C to 27� C. You can visit this town at any time of the year but it would be wise to avoid the rainy season. However, the best time to visit Mysore would be from October to March. is your authentic travel guide on Mysore and provides useful information on the hotels and tourist attractions of Mysore.