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Tourist Attractions in Mauritius

Mauritius is one of the most spectacular islands of the world. The small republic is part of the Mascarene Islands along with the island of R�union and Rodrigues. The earliest records from travelers to this island date back to the 10th century AD. The country has been ruled by many European powers, including the Dutch, French and the British. The British left the country after they attained independence in 1968, and became a republic in 1992. Tourism in Mauritius has received tremendous support from the government, which has taken effective measures to promote and sustain tourism in the country. There is a large number of tourist attractions in Mauritius, including beaches, medieval ruins, wildlife parks, and religious spots.

Tourist Attractions in Mauritius:

The beaches of Mauritius are some of the best you will ever come across. White sands and blue waters make a striking contrast that is a treat for the eyes of any traveler. The beaches are well cared and offer a host of water sports and activities including water skiing, boating, swimming, sailing, wind surfing, and fishing. The beaches are also the ideal spot to go for a sunbath, and relax with family or friends. The marine life of the region can also be observed from the beaches. The famous beaches of Mauritius are - Grand Bay, Blue Bay, Pereybere, Belle Mare, Flic en Flac, Le Morne and Tamarin.

The historic sites of Mauritius include the ruins of the European settlements and some other monuments of that period. The Balaclava ruins and the Dutch ruins at Vieux Grand Port offer a glimpse of the medieval history of the island. Remains of the first fortifications and settlements can be seen here.

Mauritius has quite a few wildlife destinations which are home to a wide range of wildlife found in the region, including a large number of rare species. The major wildlife parks in this island are � Black River Gorges National Park, La Vanille Crocodiles Park, Ile aux Aigrettes, and Domaine du Chasseur. The marine life of the region can be witnessed by going underwater in the submersibles available for the purpose.

Religious and Others:
Triolet Shivala, the biggest Hindu temple of the islands was built in Triolet in 1819. The temple is dedicated to the Gods Shiva, Krishna, Vishnu, Muruga, Brahma and Ganesha. This place is also the longest village on the island. Other noted pilgrimage sites include the Pere Laval shrine and Lake Bassin.

There are many tourist spots which are known for their recreational value. These include the Ile Anx Cerfs on the east coast, which attracts a lot of tourists for its water sports, dining and shopping options. The Pamplemonsses Garden was created in the 18th century in the estate of the French Governor Mahe de Labourdonnais. The beautiful garden has a rich collection of plants including the Victoria Amazonica lilies.

Port Louis is the capital and one of the major tourist attractions in Mauritius. The city, apart from being the headquarters of administration, is home to a large number of interesting tourist spots. These include 18th century structures like the Government house and the Municipal Theater. The Supreme Court and the Natural History Museum are the other important sites in the city. Besides, there are two cathedrals, and a mosque that demand a visit. The mask museum is an interesting museum displaying a large number of masks collected from all over the world. offers all inclusive information on the tourist attractions in Mauritius.

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