Tourist Places in India presents detailed information about the state of Maharashtra ,highlights its weather,tourist spots and important tourist attractions .
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Tourist Attractions in Maharashtra

This state in the central region of India holds immense importance for tourism in this part of the country. Romantic sea beaches, beautiful hill stations, magnificent historical monuments, and vibrant cities make up tourism in Maharashtra. The tourist attractions of Maharashtra include some of the best known tourist spots of the country, like the Ajanta and Ellora caves, the Daulatabad fort, and Shirdi. The capital of the state, Mumbai, is in itself a spectacular tourist attraction, presenting a potpourri of various cultures and having a large number of interesting tourist spots. The tour packages of Maharashtra offered by the government and private agencies are the best way to explore this state.

Major Tourist Attractions in Maharashtra:

Historical Places:

Ajanta and Ellora :-
These caves have been declared as World Heritage Sites by the UNESCO and are among the most well known tourist attractions in Maharashtra and India as well. These caves are a delight for those with an interest in Indian history and arts, and point to the remarkable achievements of the artisans of ancient India. The caves depict Buddhist and Jain themes and cover extensive areas. Apart from having religious significance, the sculptures and panels of these caves also offer an insight into the lifestyle of the people in those days.

Aurangabad :�
Named after the last great Mughul Emperor of India, Aurangzeb, this city is famous for being the gateway to the Ajanta and Elorra Caves. However, the city has many other notable historical sites, the most prominent of which is the Daulatabad Fort. This fort was the capital of one of the mightiest rulers of the early medieval age, sultan Mohammad bin Tughlaq.

Other Forts and Palaces :�
Maharashtra is home to many forts and palaces that held tremendous importance during their heydays. The major forts located in the state include Bassein, Sinhgarh, Janjira, and Pratapgarh. Satara, Pune and Mumbai have served at various points of time as the administrative headquarters of Maharashtra. These places have many historic palaces and other relics of their past glory.

Religious :-
The state has many tourist spots that have religious significance. The most prominent among these is the shrine of Sai Baba in Shirdi. Mumbai has some of the best known religious spots of the state belonging to many religions. Places like the Siddhivinayak temple, Mahalakshmi temple, Swaminarayan temple, Haji Ali, and Elephanta are a few of the places of religious importance covered by the conducted tours of Maharashtra Tourism.

Hill Stations :-
The Western Ghats and Sahyadris have provided the perfect backdrop for the development of some fascinating hill stations in Maharashtra. Mahabaleshwar, Panchagani, Khandala, Lonavala, Ratnagiri, and Matheran are among the well known hill stations in the state.

Beaches :-
The state is flanked by the Arabian Sea in the west. The beaches of Maharashtra include Juhu, Choupatty, and Marve in Mumbai, and Manori and Aksa in the outskirts of the city. The other notable sea beaches are at Alibag, Ganapatipule, Dahanu Bordi, and Murud Janjira.

The famous festivals of Maharashtra, most notably, the Ganapati Festival, can also be considered among the tourist attractions in Maharashtra. Tourists should plan their trips during these festivals so that they can experience the local culture along with the tourist spots of the state. offers online information on the Tourist Attractions in Maharashtra and other tourist places of India.

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