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Indian Railways is a public sector undertaking by the Government of India that is centrally supervised by the Ministry of Railways in the country. Its vast network extends up to 65,000 km and has around 75,000 stations as halts, making it the fourth largest in the world in terms of network coverage. Introduced by the British in 1853, it gained the nationalized status post-independence in 1951. Indian Railways presently operates long distance express trains, suburban or local trains, goods carriers and narrow gauges. It also features multi-gauge system (same track for different gauge trains). The entire railway network in the country is categorized under different zones and further into many other divisions. There are 68 such divisions now. The 17 major railway zones in the country include the following: Indian railway Map

Touristplacesinindia provides an online railway map where you see the comprehensive network of trains, their zones and stations at a glance. Different colors are used to demarcate the railway zones and the routes of the trains. You can take the help of this railway map to plan your journey with the Indian Railways.

 The improvements in the railway industry and the increase in number of passenger trains have accelerated the growth in tourism as well. Transportation has become easier and railways have come to connect even the smaller towns and villages in the country with the major cities. There are 9 Rajdhani Expresses and 13 Shatabdi super fast trains. Now there are also luxury trains in India such as the Golden Chariot and Maharajas Express offering you a regal journey through the Indian states.