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Tourist Attractions in Khajjiar

Lakshmi Narayan Temple,Chamba Khajjiar, located in the Chamba district has emerged as one of the major tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh. Historically too, Khajjiar is very rich and its history is closely associated with the rulers of Chamba. Back in the 6th century, the local Rajput rulers governed over Chamba and made it their capital. In the medieval era, this region was a part of the Mughal Empire. Later it remained subordinate to various Sikh kingdoms. On April 15, 1948, it became a part of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Khajjiar is known not only for its rich history, but also for being a prominent tourist attraction. Tourist attractions in Khajjiar include places like the Khajjiar Lake, the ancient temples of Hindu deities and the beautiful grassy meadows, which earned it the name of �Mini Switzerland�.

Important tourist attractions in Khajjiar:

Dauladhar mountains:
Dense deodars, pines and lush green meadows are characteristic of Khajjiar. Since Khajjiar is situated at the base of the Dauladhar mountains, the tourists here can get panoramic views of the mountains.

Khajji Naga Shrine:
Khajjiar has derived its name from the serpent God Khajji Nag and it is also the place where the famous Khajji Naga shrine is located. The temple originated in the 10th century and has intricately designed patterns on its wooden posts and ceilings. The common belief here is that these patterns represent the Kauravas who lost to the Pandavas. The temple was constructed with extracts of limestone quarries which are in plenty at Khajjiar. Few other shrines of Hindu Male Gods like shiva and Females Goddesses Hadimba are also located nearby.

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary:
This sanctuary falls on the way from Khajjiar to Dalhousie. Kalatop is a beautiful dense forest where you can get spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The forest lies at the hilltop. This is perhaps the reason why kalatop was named so as its literal meaning is black cap. Deodar, spruce, kail, ban trees and bushes are the main constituents of this forest. All these provide safe habitat for the different species of wild life. If you are a wild life enthusiast, you should definitely visit this place. Generally Monal Pheasants and other varieties of birds can be frequently seen here. Sometimes you can even spot black bears and leopards in these forests.

Khajjiar Lake:
Another notable attraction of the place is the Khajjiar Lake. The Lake is considered to be sacred by the locals and is linked with the deity in the Khaaji temple, Khajjinag. Recently the Department of Environment has taken up the responsibility for further beautification of the lake.

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