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Elephants in Periyar

Elephants in Periyar, Periyar elephants, elephants of Periyar, elephant rides in Periyar Periyar Reserve also known as Periyar National Park is located in Idukki district of Kerala. The Park has a varied landscape and abounds in wide varieties of flora and fauna. Elephants are the major attraction of Periyar National Park at Idukki. Tourists normally come to this sanctuary for watching the Elephants in Periyar. Besides, there are a large number of other animals like Tigers and leopards that abound the park. The sanctuary lies amongst the Cardamom Hills and is washed by the Idukki and the Pathanamthitta rivers which provide water for the survival of animals. About 75% of the total area of the Park has evergreen or semi evergreen rain forests. We at provide you with complete information on all that you want to know about Elephants in Periyar.

Watching the Elephants in Periyar National Park at Idukki in Kerala is a wonderful experience. One can find herds of elephants moving around in this park. This National Park is indeed a beautiful place with the Periyar Lake in it where one can site elephants basking. You ca also site female elephants here. Unlike American elephants, Indian elephants do not have tusk. Besides, the Indian elephants are not so dark skinned as their American counterpart. Along with elephants, a large number of birds and mammals can also be seen in this Park. Over 250 species of birds which include flycatchers, orioles, wood pigeons, cormorants, ibises, gray herons, kingfishers, kites, ospreys, thrushes and darters are found in this sanctuary. One can find a wide species of reptiles ranging from Cobra and Python to flying lizards here. Besides, Nilgiri Langur, Porcupines, squirrels, Nilgiri Tahr and wild boar constitutes the major animal species of the sanctuary. This sanctuary is easy of access by land and air. The Madurai Airport in Tamil Nadu and Cochin International Airport in Kerala are the major airports which can be accessed from the Sanctuary. If you are traveling by train, then you can visit the National Park from the Kottayam Railway station. The national park is also connected with major cities in India by luxury bus services. The best time to visit the sanctuary is between the months of October and June. One should always avoid the summers while visiting the Park. offers online information on all that you want to know about Elephants in Periyar. You may find more information on the Wildlife Parks through this site.

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