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Wildlife in Periyar National Park

Periyar National Park, Periyar, National Park at Periyar, National Park in Periyar, elephants in Periyar National Park The Indian state of Kerala takes pride in its natural splendor and is a wonderful destination to spend your holidays. The state has over 26.6% of its total land area under forest cover, which includes sanctuaries and National Parks. Periyar National Park is a widely visited National Park in Kerala for its varied bio diversity. The Park lies between the Western Ghats in the East and the Arabian Sea in the West and is surrounded by the Periyar Lake which adds beauty to the city. Wildlife in Periyar National Park at Idukki District in Kerala provides ample scope for wildlife lovers to explore the Park. We at provide you with complete information on all that you want to known about the Wildlife in Periyar National Park in Kerala. Wildlife in Periyar National Park Kerala:
Periyar National Park Kerala is famous for its wildlife. You can find wild animals like tigers and wild elephants hanging around in the sanctuary. Other animals that are found in the Park includes the leopard, Indian Bison, Barking deer, mouse deer, Nilgiri Langur, Porcupines, squirrels and wild boar. Nilgiri tahr, the famous mountain goats of South India can be spotted in this Park. Mammals like Cobra, Python, and flying lizards are found in these forests. Over 250 species of birds are found in this sanctuary; most prominent ones include the mynas, flycatchers, orioles, wood pigeons, cormorants, ibises, gray herons, kingfishers, kites, ospreys, thrushes and darters.

Best Time to see the Wildlife in Periyar National Park Kerala:
One can visit the sanctuary between the months of October and June.

How to reach Periyar National Park Kerala:
Wildlife in Periyar National Park in Kerala is both by air, railways and roadways.

By Air: Madurai Airport in Tamil Nadu is the nearest Airport. Besides this, International travelers traveling directly to the sanctuary can reach the sanctuary easily from Cochin International Airport.

By Railways: Kottyam Railway Station is situated 114 km from the sanctuary. One can also reach the sanctuary form Ernakulam Railway Station.

By Road: The Sanctuary is well connected by luxury bus services from the station and the Airport. Bus services also link the sanctuary from all major cities in India.

Where to stay:
There are inspection bungalows and camps at Anavachal, Trusker, Manakkavala and Thekkady where one can meet their lodging needs. Besides, there are hotels in and around Periyar which meets the accommodation and d0ining needs of the tourists. offers online information on all that you want to know about Wildlife in Periyar National Park in Kerala. You may find more information on the Wildlife Parks through this site.

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