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Transportation and Access

   Located in the southern part of India, Karnataka has rapidly gained acceptance as a favored tourist destination and is visited by numerous travelers from not only India but also from abroad. The scenic beauty of Karnataka and its rich traditions and customs never fail to impress the tourists visiting this state. The government of this state has laid much importance on the development of its transport and thus you can see a wide network of roads and flyovers that make transportation and access to Karnataka quite convenient.

Transportation and Access to Karnataka by Air:
Access to Karnataka by air is the most convenient method of transportation and the Bangalore International Airport caters to the various domestic and international flights to and from this beautiful town. You can travel to Karnataka from the major towns such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and also to Trivandrum and Ahmedabad. Mangalore is also another important town that has the facility of an airport.

Transportation and Access to Karnataka by Rail:
The well-maintained network of the railways connects Bangalore with rest of the cities of India. The railway terminal at Bangalore is an important one and you can get overnight trains from Chennai to Bangalore. Many express and super fast trains ply to and from the major towns of Karnataka to other important towns of India

Transportation and Access to Karnataka by Road:
Getting to Karnataka is also quite expedient by the road transport since the superb road network links Bangalore with all the major cities and tourist hotspots. The state highways connect various parts of Karnataka with India and there are also a number of national highways such as NH-4, NH-7, NH-9, and NH-13 that link Karnataka with the states of Maharashtra, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

How to reach Karnataka is the primary concern of the travelers. But with the fine transport networks to and from Karnataka, the tourists can easily reach any place they wish to travel to on their tour to Karnataka.

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