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Jeep Safari in Ladakh

Ladakh Jeep Safari Ladakh, as the name suggest is a mountainous excursion in the barren mountainous terrain of Ladhak. Ladakh, the land of amazing and breathtaking topographical features is bounded by two of the mightiest mountain Ranges of the World The Karakoram in the North and the Great Himalayas in the South. Ladakh lies at an altitude from about 2750 m in Kargil to 7672 m in Saser Kangri in the Karakoram Mountain Ranges. Being a Himalayan region the temperature is reasonable cold here with summer temperature not exceeding 27C and winter temperature sometimes falling below minus 20C. Geographically speaking, this is the youngest landform formed only a few millions of years ago and today it is a high altitude desert area with hardly any rainfall. We at provide you with complete information about Desert Jeep Safari. Jeep safari thorough the mountainous region of Indian Subcontinent is really a highly brave and adventurous venture for the tourists who like trekking through the mountains. Jeep Safari in Ladakh will take you to the mountainous region of Leh, Kargil, Drass and other places where you can enjoy the rich mountainous beauty of the country. Leh is popular for river rafting, mountaineering and trekking. There is a nine storey Palace in Leh which was built in the 17th Century which was the home of the royal family till the 1830s. Just behind the Leh Palace stands the Victory Tower which is an additional attraction of Leh. Besides this, there are a large number of monasteries in Leh. The beauty of all these places can be best noticed if you explore these places by jeep safari.

From Leh, the main town of Ladakh, you can visit other places of Ladakh like Kargil, Zanskar, Nubra Valley and Drass. Enjoying a jeep safari in Ladakh is a rewarding experience, but it is advisable to take with you woolen garments, toiletries and first aid. Trekking items like tents, insulated ground sheets, sleeping bags, insulated jackets, trekking shoes and rucksacks are available at equipment hire shops at Srinagar at a reasonable charge fixed by the Government. Depending upon your budget you can fix the number of days of the jeep safari excursion in Ladakh. Travelling through Ladakh in a Jeep safari takes you into the heart of the Himalayas where you will be passing through the rough terrains, high passes, glaciers and some high altitude lakes which offer many wonderful things to view and experience. The presence of the jeep accessible roads gives you the chance to explore the mountainous areas, which otherwise one would reach only after days on foot. However, one should always take careful drivers with them as the slopes are steep and the roads occasionally negotiate with fording streams. Decide on an expert guide, and a sturdy pair of shoes before you venture out for the jouney..

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