Teej Festival - Jaipur

Teej is celebrated in various parts of India and Nepal as the occasion of reunion of Shiva and Parvati. This festival is celebrated with utmost devotion by married women and young girls during the monsoons. This festival relieves us from the scorching heat of the summer and welcomes the monsoon season. It is also known as Sawan festival and is usually celebrated in the month of July � August every year. Although celebrated across the country, the festival is of special significance in Jaipur in Rajasthan. We at Touristplacesinindia.com provide you with complete information on all that you want to known about Teej Festival in Rajasthan. According to Hindu Mythology, that Lord Shiva realized Parvati�s devotion towards him and married her on her 108th Birth in the month of �Shravan�. Teej in Jaipur is of special significance as it transforms dry lands of Rajasthan into green pasture lands. One can also find peacocks dancing in the tune of the rain on the arrival of monsoons. Teej festival is of three types. They are Harivali Teej � which is celebrated on the Sukla Paksha of Shravana when women worship moon with milk, curd and flowers, Kajari Teej � which is celebrated on the Krishna Paksha Tritiya and women offer homage to the Neem tree, Hartalika Teej � This is celebrated on the first fortnight of the month of Bhadra where women fast for the well being of their husband.

There are certain rituals for the celebration of Teej. Married women return to their parents� house to celebrate this festival. It is an auspicious event to receive gifts from the parents-in-law and from the to-be parents-in-law on the occasion of this festival. A traditional gift pack called �Shrinjhara� is gifted to the daughter in law which consists of sweets, traditional dress, and henna and lac bangles. Women use this gift items to adorn themselves. Another traditional gift pack includes the �Baya� which is gifted to the women observing fast which includes fruits, new clothes, bangles and jewellery. It basically gifted by the mothers of the newly wed girls to their daughters. Women also beautify their hands and feet with Mehandi and Alta which also forms a part of the Teej Shringar.

The most important ritual of Teej is to decorate the image of Goddess Parvati with jewellery and colorful clothes and take out auspicious procession in the streets. Some women also observe a 24 hour fasting paying homage to Goddess Parvati to bliss their married life.

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