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Yoga Tours in India

Yoga literally means Union. An ancient Indian discipline, b seeks to unite the individual soul (Jivatman) with the Universal soul or God (Parmatam) through rigorous mental and physical efforts. The Yoga was researched and developed by great Indian sages and physicians, even before the dawn of recorded history.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Yoga is aimed at Yogi to transcend sense - perceived, temporary appearances, unrealities and attain a vision and an experience of the super-sensuous Divines reality. The Yoga, with the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul, creates the symphony of life. Yoga provides the finest system of education, for it brings out the best in a person.

Only with Yoga, does emancipation (Moksha) seem so close

Recreate yourself the most effective way, what our saints and Sadhus have been doing for years. Right from the ages India is known as the country where Yoga & Meditation is a sort of characteristic of human life cycle. We will take you in the vicinity of Rishikesh, where luxury is blended with nature and everything is tuned in tune of nature. We offer one night and two days / two days and three nights / four days packages with stay in nature resort. We invite you to have such an experience, and invite you to discover with us what a world without stress feels like. We will organize for you:

Classes of Yoga & meditation by traditional Indian gurus.

Relaxation classes for body & mind.

Ayurvedic massages with traditional herbal oils.

Soft treks & nature walks around the nature camp resort.

Exciting, rafting runs down the Ganges, for kids, beginners & of course for adventure lovers.

Camp - fires beneath the stars.

Bicycle trips & horse riding.

Beach ball & badminton

Traditional yogic diets and other cuisines.

We are in a new millennium, and as the world has changed in this millennium we need something really extra ordinary, so as to keep ourselves refreshed and ready to face the challenges in this millennium. We have a program that combines sightseeing and would at the same time increases leadership qualities, team spirit, time management, crisis and stress management, personality development, All through yoga, jungle walks and white water river rafting runs, where time, team, leaders & fitness really matters.