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Special Inbound Tours

The special inbound tours offered by include packages that cater to some specialized aspects of tourism in India. Bangalore Beach There are a staggeringly large number of tourist attractions in India that include places of natural beauty, historical important and religious significance. Famous places in India like the historic cities of Delhi and Agra, the desert destinations in Rajasthan, the beautiful palaces all over the country, the romantic hill stations, the fascinating beaches, and the enchanting wildlife are popular among tourists all over the world. offers many attractive inbound tour packages covering most of these tourist attractions in India.

The special inbound tours are designed to cover some special, often lesser known aspects of India. These may include the localized culture of a place, the specialized crafts of a region, or simply the general lifestyle of the aborigines of a region. Many of these special inbound tours involve one or more kinds of adventure tourism. Popular special inbound tours –

Cultural tours:
The cultural tours are very popular among tourists, especially foreigners, as they provide a splendid opportunity to experience the rich and vibrant culture of the various regions of India. The cultural tours are one of the major draws of tourism in India. Cultural tours can involve the local culture of all the states in the country. However, the most famous cultural tours are conducted in the states of Rajasthan and Gujarat. The cultural tours cover every aspect of the region’s culture including traditional ceremonies, religion, cuisine, arts, crafts, and martial arts.

Yoga, meditation and ayurvedic tours:
Yoga and ayurveda are ancient Indian medical practices. The age old science has successfully been transferred through generations and many regions in India today specialize in these therapies. Tourism has developed in these regions, centered on the yoga and ayurvedic facilities. At present, Kerala leads the way as an ayurvedic tourism in India, but there are some other places, notably in the western Himalays, which are also covered by special inbound tours dealing with ayurveda, and meditation.

Honeymoon tours:
The inbound tour packages include fantastic honeymoon packages that include famous hill stations and beach resorts of the country. The honeymoon tours are also sometimes merged with some special inbound tours like cultural tours, or adventure tours.

Ethnic crafts tours:
These include both famous and lesser known places that are home to unique traditional cottage industries. Some destinations involved in these crafts tours are the desert crafts tours in Rajasthan, wood work and carpet weaving in Kashmir, bamboo and wood craft in the northeastern states, tea and coffee plantation tours in the Nilgiris, and the spice plantations of South India. There are many other places in India which are famous for embroidery, glass works, metal work, and precious stone cutting. These places are being identified and included in the special inbound tours offered by

Adventure sports tours:
India is fast becoming one of the most important adventure sports destinations in Asia. The varied climate and topography of the country is the chief factor for this growth. The special inbound tours include itineraries that concentrate on one or more of these sports, including training for the same. Skiing, white water rafting, paragliding, scuba diving, and angling are some of the adventure activities included in these tours. The adventure tourism destinations like Auli, Andamans, and Haridwar are also among the major tourist attractions in India.

The special inbound tours include a wide range of budgets, catering to a large number of tourists. The aim is to offer you unique experiences that you may miss out during a general tour of India. offers comprehensive information about the special inbound tours to India and the various tourist places in India.