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Houseboats Holidays in  India

Houseboats have a dual role to play. They serve both as human dwelling and as vacation homes or tourists. They serve mostly as permanent dwellings in South Asia, while in other parts of the world they serve as holiday entertainment destinations.

Luxery Houseboats Houseboat cruises are found in Australia, Canada, Zimbabwe, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand. In India, these houseboats are common in the states of Kerala and in the Dal Lake of Kashmir. It is a recreational activity and forms a part of tourism business in India. Houseboats holidays are the most enchanting vacation experience one can have. We at provide you with interesting details about Houseboats Holidays in India.

In India, houseboats are found in the states of Kerala and Kashmir. The houseboats in Kerala are slow moving exotic barges mainly used for leisure trips. These houseboats in Kerala measure 80 feet in length and provide the best way to experience the colorful backwaters of Kerala. Earlier, these houseboats in Kerala were known as “Kettuvallams” and were used to ferry rice, spices from Kuttanad to Kochi. The modern houseboats are the reworked model of these Kettuvallams and are a major source of tourist attraction. These houseboats in Kerala anchor in various locations in the backwaters and provide an outstanding holiday experience and play an important role in promoting tourism Industry in Kerala. A guided tour along the backwaters would help you to reveal some of the most interesting facts about the local life of the village folks.

Houseboats in Kashmir attract the tourists by its charm and offer a unique experience of living in a cedar paneled exclusive bed rooms with all luxury amenities like fine furnishings, decorated bedrooms and modern bathrooms. These houseboats in Kashmir vary in the degree of lavishness depending upon the category to which it belongs. The grades of these houseboats have been provided by the Department of Tourism of the state. The five categories of houseboats in Kashmir includes Deluxe, A, B, C, and D. The Deluxe categories are the top luxury houseboats while the Grade D houseboats are the economy category houseboats with simply furnished rooms like in economy hotels. Every standard houseboat has provisions for balcony, a lounge, dining room, pantry and three of more bed rooms with attached bath. Houseboats holidays in Kashmir in the Dal and Nagin Lakes and River Jhelum is undoubtedly an unmatched experience for the tourists. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Houseboats Holidays in India.