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Hotels & Accommodation

   The hotels in Hemkund offer great accommodation in Hemkund. Hemkund is a well known pilgrimage spot and a popular tourist destination. It is located amidst the Himalayas and is a land of temples and religious shrines. The hotels in Hemkund enhance the growth of travelers´┐Ż inflow by providing pleasant and comfortable accommodation.

There are various types of Hemkund hotels. They range from first class hotels to cheap hotels. In addition, there are also plenty of lodges, guest houses, and dharamshalas and so on. The first class hotels provide travelers with high quality amenities and services of to provide satisfaction and comfort. Most of the hotels in Hemkund are close to the main town center and are easily accessible. In addition to the luxury hotels, there is plenty of economy and budget hotels which offer all the basic facilities and services to cater to the needs and preferences of the travelers.

Some of the popular hotels in Hemkund are:

Hotel Hemkund: It is a popular lodging center in the area. The hotel is in close proximity to the major town center and is easily accessible from various parts. It offers comfortable lodging facilities and services in the midst of idyllic setting and is a great place to stay. The hotel is also equipped with pleasant services and facilities to take care of the needs and preferences of the guests. In addition to the lodging facilities, the hotel provides pleasant dining facilities and other services for a comfortable lodging.

GMVN Tourist Bungalow: This is a favorite lodging destination in Hemkund as well. The hotel is shaped like a bungalow and offers pleasant facilities and services along with warm hospitality. The convenient location also makes it more popular. The hotel has a comfortable restaurant which serves local and Indian delicacies. Other facilities consist of currency exchange facilities, travel desk, security services, and sightseeing arrangements and so on.

In addition to all these hotels, there are also other hotels in Hemkund. These hotels provide travelers and pilgrims with offer comfortable accommodation at moderate rates. Most of them are close to the points of sightseeing and can be easily reached. The main town center is also close by.

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