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Wilderness Tours in India

If you are the adventurous type then plan for any one of the Wilderness Tours in India that will show you the vast diversity of flora and fauna in India. . You will get a lot of opportunity to indulge in the various adventure pursuits such as fishing, wildlife safari and trekking and you will never be in want of activities even for a moment in the wilderness tours. There are numerous wildlife sanctuaries and reserves that are dotted all over India and are recognized for their unique endowments that are in the form of flora and fauna. Give your vacations a welcome break from the usual chores by being a part of the wilderness tours in India.

Wilderness in India, Wilderness Tours in India, India Wilderness Tours, Wilderness Tours, visit India for Wilderness Tours The Andaman is one such destination which is famous for the marine life, the coral reefs and a salubrious climate which is simply captivating for the naturalists.

You must pay a visit to the Wandoor Marine National Park where you may explore the treasures of the underwater world. The adventure enthusiasts can also take delight in the snorkeling and diving pursuits since it is a paradise for the water adventures as well.

Coming back to the mainland of India, you can well start with the wilderness tours in India from the Himalayan foothills since the Corbett National Park would be the ideal retreat for the nature lovers and wildlife photographers. You will come across the wild animals roaming freely in their natural habitat and you can also capture them in your cameras provided you are agile enough! Wilderness tourism in India has gained momentum in recent years among the various tours and the travelers want to get close to nature and spend some intimate moments in seclusion and tranquility.

You donít have to bother about the accommodation problems since most of the wildlife sanctuaries and reserves have accommodation option sometime in the very premise or at the fringe end of the jungle. Wildlife tents, camps, cottages and tree houses are also available. They could be luxurious to budget category and you can accommodate in any of the types according to your preference and budget.

The Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the most famous ones among the various wildlife sanctuaries in India and is visited by lots of tourists each year. Waking up to the chirping of the bird and to the gurgling of the streams is certainly going to add some of the most special moments to your vacations.

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