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Tourist Attractions of Dharamsala

Dharamsala earns its claim to fame for being the abode of Dalai Lama and the Tibetís government in exile after the invasion of the Chinese government in October 1959.

Dharamsala is also famous as the retreat of the British. The scenic backdrop of the Dauladhar hills confers an irresistible charm to this place. Every year it is thronged by numerous tourists seeking tranquility and seclusion from the din and rush of the city life. There are many tourist attractions in Dharamsala that are worth catching a glimpse and the Tibetan monasteries occupy an important place. Namgyal Monastery is one such monastery worth visiting. You will also find 'Tsuk-La-Khang', opposite the Dalai Lama's residence reminds one of Lhasa and is the repository of huge gilded bronzes of the Buddha, Avalokiteshwara, and Padmasambhava.

If you want a rejuvenating experience then you must pay visit to the meditation centers that are located here. One such meditation centre is Tushita Meditation Center that also offers classes for the beginners. Among the tourist attractions in Dharamsala, the Kangra Art Museum occupies an important place and is situated south of Lower Dharamsala tourist office. There are miniature paintings from the Kangra School of Art, which flourished in the Kangra Valley during the17th century. There are also several skillfully embroidered Kangra costumes, along with woodcarvings and tribal ornaments.

The Dharamsala tourist attractions also cover the various other attractions such as the library of Tibetan works and archives located in the Central Administration compound at the southern part of McLeod Ganj, houses some of the world's most wide-ranging collections of original Tibetan manuscripts. These consist of antique texts and books on every possible aspect of Tibet, a pile of information on the Indian culture, and a repository of old photographs. You will find colorful Tibetan motifs that are decorated outside.

McLeod Ganj is one such place which also demands a visit on a tour to Dharamsala and there is Tibetan Children's Handicraft and Vocational Center that instructs Tibetan refugees in the various creative pursuits such as thanka painting, carpet weaving, and even marketing. The shop freaks can also make their way to some of the finest shopping centers that are dotted all over the place and would make for great leisure pastime. The natural attractions are some of the most interesting things to watch in Dharamsala. offers online information on the Tourist Attractions in Dharamsala and also offers useful inputs about Dharamsala.