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The Private Collection : Worldwide Edition 2003

Devi Garh casts a mighty profile against the Indian horizon. It is an eclectic mix of the traditional and the modern.

Brides : January, 2002

Traditional elegance was the order of the day at a spectacular wedding in Rajasthan. The flowers were symbolic - white jasmine for purity, orange marigolds for the mendhi ceremony, and red roses to reflect the traditional colour of an Indian wedding dress. Guests were treated to a bit of Indian culture by way of live musicians and dancers from Rajasthan, before East met West in the evening, as a DJ spun the decks in a marble-floored nightclub.

India Today Plus : January, 2003

Devi Garh Luxury fortress
In the heart of Rajasthan lies a resort that defines the contemporary mood of a traditional state - minimal, understated and chic, woven into a lavish lifestyle worthy of royalty. A beautiful amalgamation of past and future, each of the 23 suites is unique; and exemplifies the metamorphosis of the medieval structure into a contemporary masterpiece.

Overdrive : February, 2003

The ruins of the Devi Garh fort have been transformed into a super luxury five star heritage hotel. On the way back the Siena Weekend got a well deserved breather about 27 km before Udaipur as we soaked in the opulence of the presidential suite.

Design Hotel 100

One of the best 100 Design Hotels in the world

Go Now : Vol. 2. Issue 6, December 2002

Such expertise in this wilderness. They have created a dream. I am in a dream. Even in the best of hotels, I was a room number. Here, I am special. Just how can I help but feel less than bridal when someone's spread out rose petals for me!. If I wanted to gift someone very special a holiday, this would be it.

Design Today : February � March, 2002

My aim while restoring the fort palace was not merely to bring it back to life but to infuse in it an energy that would carry it through to the next millennium.

Business Traveller : February, 2002

Like any traditional Indian dwelling, Devi Garh revolves around courtyards; five to be precise. Each courtyard blends classical and modern designs to achieve a fusion, which is peaceful yet intriguing. The �Kamal Court� is an interesting interpretation of the lotus motif as a black marble water-maze.

Outlook Traveller : February, 2002

The braziers burn bright, sending out small fish � flames of gold against a velvet sky. The jal tarang tinkles and the meat dissolves under my questing fork. A waiter leans solicitously over me and asks if I want another drink ? More rose petals chucked over my table ? Another shawl ? Devi Garh is like that. An hour�s drive from Udaipur through the Aravallis, this fort brings out the romantic in you.

Society Interiors : January, 2002

Aesthetically, Devi Garh makes full use of the local idiom with a deliberately minimalistic design (in contrast with the cliched ethnic one of most palace-turned-heritage-resorts that dot Rajasthan). White is the predominant shade, albeit underscored by a very frugal but highly effective use of colour. Other public areas such as the Darbar Hall, the conference room and billiards lounge use gold, silver and copper respectively as their leitmotifs. The harnessing of traditional craft to create contemporary designs have led to uniquely crafted pieces of furniture for these areas.

India Today Plus : January, 2002

Inside the fortress, the atmosphere is that of an oasis of peace and tranquillity, with views of the nearby hills adding to the effect. There are spa treatment rooms for men and women, with therapists of both sexes, supervised by a licenced Ayurvedic physician from Kerala.

Abitare : January, 2002

A representative monument in north-west India has been converted into a hotel that gives the Rajput style a wholly contemporary slant. The size of the building, and the complexity of its plan and elevation, made a detailed architectural survey virtually impossible during the design stage. The renovation and remodelling work took more than a decade and involved over 700 people. All the materials used come from the Udaipur region and unusually, traditional methods have been used to create lines and unadorned surfaces.

Destinasian : January / March, 2002

It's a grand and romantic setting even by Rajasthani standards. But unlike so many of the old Rajput palaces that have opened their gates to paying guests since India's independence, the Devi Garh has eschewed period furnishings in favor of a design philosophy that embraces clean, contemporary lines and a modern twist on traditional motifs. The result is an irresistible fusion of old-world opulence and sleek luxury, highlighted by such lavish touches as marble bathtubs. Add to that a sublime Ayurvedic spa and a staff-to-guest ratio of four to one, and you have the ultimate base for exploring the temples, gardens, and lakeside citadels that have earned Udaipur its reputation as one of India's most beautiful cities-providing, that is, you can tear yourself away from the Devi Garh's voluptuary delights.

India Today : February 4, 2002

Along with architect Navin Gupta and interior designer Rajiv Saini, it took the Poddars 10 years to create the distinctive fusion ambience of Devi Garh. Sleek modern furniture with details in Indian colours and motifs fill the suites. So you have pillow cases in Banarasi silk with gold embroidery and windows that are shaped like jharokas.