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Jeep Safari

There are travelers who long to explore nature as it is and Rajasthan is one such place which is an apt destination for Jeep Safari. Cruising through the desert, passing small villages, interacting with the locals, and facing the odds of survival in the wilderness will give you a sense of adventure. Jeep safari is one of the best ways you can cover the vast expanses of the desert. It is fast, well covered, and saves you from the vagaries of nature if required. There it beats camel safaris. Whether it is the sand or the flora and fauna of the thriving wildlife, you will get all that you wish to have during your vacations here. Rajasthan is a state rich in culture and heritage and the age old mansions and palaces that were earlier the residences of the royal figures.

The most advantageous point about the jeep tours of India is to traverse on the most rugged landscapes and the sandy routes of the deserts. Another benefit of a jeep safari is its speed, which can be varied to match the tour requirements.

Jeep Safari in Rajasthan can be enjoyed by the tourists to their fullest extent as they will get a good opportunity to reach the farthest corners of Rajasthan and discover the ethnic rural life of the people. The forts and palaces that used to be the signpost of the splendor of the royal kings and Maharajas are also covered by the jeep safari.

Besides, the old forts and numerous temple complexes recognized for their rich architecture and history are also embraced by the jeep safari. As the jeep makes its way through the parched desert, you will be introduced to the real Rajasthan in its most natural setting. You will come across a wide variety of cactus and the camel carrying people on its back through the ocean like desert. The most exciting phase you will come across is in the Shekhawati belt with its painted towns interspersed with vast expanse of the sand.

The shifting nature of the sand dunes and the various cenotaphs dotted all over the place are further going to add the delight and charm to the journey. Apart from the desert, the India Jeep Safari Tours of Rajasthan also cover the verdant green surroundings of the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. The jeep safari also embraces the famous Sariska and Ranthambore national Parks to explore the verdant flora or to spot a range of wild animals including Tigers in their own natural habitat. If luck is on your side you might encounter a tiger on your Jeep Safari.

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