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Desert Safari Rajasthan

India holds the distinction of being geographically rich and full of diverse terrains. Right from the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains to the scorching Thar Desert and to the emerald green waters of the south, Indian subcontinent has on offer everything. Hence, it lures hordes of adventure enthusiasts from various parts of India and the world. Desert safari package is the best way to explore the extremities of Rajasthan. Great Indian Desert which is also called the Thar Desert is in the extreme west and is a perfect place for feeling the true essence of Rajasthan.

Desert safari is the best option for exploring the rich culture as it gives a clear insight about the sylvan surroundings of Rajasthan and also introduces the traveler to the local residents in a very traditional way. The Desert Tours of India are some of the most well-liked ones by the Indian as well as the foreign tourists who come on a tour of India from various parts of the world. The ship of the desert, Camel will take you under the guidance of his master to the most exquisite destinations covering the enchanting sylvan ambiance, beautiful hamlets and the natives clad in the colorful traditional attires.

The Desert Safari in Rajasthan makes you familiar with the various geographical facets as the camel navigates both on the sand and land and undertakes formidable journeys. The journey through the desert may be strenuous but rewarding in ways more than one. You are face to face with your survival instinct in the wilderness.

The India Desert Safari Tours offer a lot more of excitement and adventure as the region is conveniently accessible in contrast to its counterparts because of the airports and railway stations that are in close vicinity to most of the popular sand dunes.

If you are on a desert tour of India, you will get a golden opportunity to witness the princely kingdoms that are located in Rajasthan such as Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Pushkar as all these towns are inescapable stopovers in the desert tours. The most striking feature of the desert safari tour is the sunset as it would seem as if a reddish-orange ball is sinking in the vast ocean of the desert. The setting sun in the backdrop of the vast desert looks speactacular.

Desert safari can also be enjoyed on the horse and jeep that are equally exhilarating and guarantee fulltime fun.

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