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Daman & Diu Tour Packages

Fortnani Daman Daman & Diu are undoubtedly one of the most scenic destinations in the coastal realm of India and thus experience a considerable footfall each and every year. Located in the west coast of India, these two territories are characterized by sandy beaches, picturesque locale and some of the breathtakingly beautiful tourist attractions. While on a tour to Daman & Diu, you can get an opportunity to relish some of the finest regional and seafood delicacies and to spend some great moments in pursuing leisure pursuits. But if you really want your vacations to be some of the most memorable ones, then you must check out the attractive Daman & Diu tour packages.

These tour packages are not merely the packages inclusive of the services that are provided, but these packages are in-fact your ticket for a gratifying vacation. The tour packages for Daman & Diu embrace some of the most exquisite beaches, impressive forts and palaces, and splendid temples and churches. The tired urbanites should not miss out the fun and frolic that come in these all-inclusive Daman & Diu tour packages. Lots of attractions are covered in the tour packages such as amusement park on the Devka beach and Nani Daman. It is a good way to revitalize and de-stress yourself.

Tourists can take a stroll on the The Jampore beach that offers a very quiet and serene atmosphere simply ideal for relaxation. Several other tourist spots in Daman are Nani Daman Jetty Garden, old churches, forts, lighthouse and a magnificent summerhouse. The holiday packages for Daman & Diu make certain that you derive complete pleasure and satisfaction within your budget. From the awe-inspiring scenic destinations to the finest lodging options, everything is on offer in these customized tour packages prepared by the experts.

All the major points of tourist interest in Diu are also covered by the Daman & Diu tour packages that add to the degree of pleasure to the tourists who long for more and more. Diu has several mythological connotations and the tourists will come across the temple of Jallandhar which is built here. Among the beaches, Nagoa is unquestionably the most fascinating replete with palm fringed beaches. It is also the repository of several stunning forts that are reminders of the colonial era such as Diu Fort, Forte do Mar and Shaking

Tower at Delwada. Fulfill your whims and fancies through the Daman & Diu tour packages that are specially designed for those who value the quality and cost.

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