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Tour Packages for Bhopal

Van Vihar in Bhopal Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and is a typical mix of the old and the new.The commercial aspect of Bhopal is well known all throughout Madhya Pradesh. Enjoy the charm of this magnificent town with the comprehensive Bhopal Tour Packages that give you ample scope to explore the beauty of this town and live up to your desires and wishes.

These packages make sure that your tour to Bhopal is one of the most gratifying ones. The city of Bhopal is dotted by a large number of glittering lakes that add to the exquisiteness of this city to a great extent. It is one of the greenest cities of India and has wide, clean, well-lit roads lined with fiery, statuesque Gulmohar trees. In spite of becoming the capital of Madhya Pradesh and the consequent influx of people, it has able to retain its calm and old world charm.

The Bhopal tours will give you the feel of the glamour of the lives that was led by the Nawabs and Begums of yesteryears. There are numer ous mosques and the temples that bring to mind the archaeological inquisitiveness of the visitors. The Bhopal Tour Packages cover the important tourist destinations ranging from the historical sites to the breathtakingly awe-inspiring tourist destinations.

Bhopal offers some superb spots for daylong excursions. The exquisite paintings in the Bhimbetka caves that date back to the Neolithic age and describe the life of the prehistoric cave dwellers. Bhopal is also popular for the Buddhist works of art dating back to the third century B.C. and Sanchi is one such place that is a great lure for the tourists who want to visit the places of Buddhist excavations. Apart from all these, the Udaygiri Caves that are cut into the side at a sandstone hill are also worth catching a glimpse.

The Tour Packages for Bhopal are designed in such a way so as to capture that charm and delight of Bhopal. These packages also guarantee quality accommodation depending upon the taste and budget of the discerning travelers. The hotels are located close to the various landmarks of the town. The packages are designed individually and have every element for the utmost satisfaction and entertainment of the discerning guests.

Some of the packages that you can check out are offers useful piece of information on Bhopal tour packages and keep logging on to the site for various other helpful inputs on travel and tour.