How to reach the three main gateways of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai and Thirvananthapuram
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Reaching India

India is home to several health resorts and Ayurvedic treatment centers that are located in the various states. If you want to reach the Ayurvedic health resorts and Ayurvedic treatment centers, then there are three major gateways to it that are namely, Delhi, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram. Most of these Ayurveda centers are located in the southern Indian state of Kerala. Reaching Kerala is quite convenient since it has excellent air, rail and road network. Transportation to the Ayurveda Resorts,India are easy and can be reached from all modes of transportation.

By Air
Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi, and Kozhikode are the three cities that feature airport. Thiruvananthapuram also has an international airport that connects the state to many destinations of Middle East.

By Rail
Kerala is also well-connected by the rail transport and there are around 200 railway stations in Kerala connecting most of the places in the state and India as well. The important places like Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, and Calcutta are also well-linked.

By Road
The broad network of smooth roads links most of the places in the state. The national highways passing through this state are 47, 17 and 49.

How To Reach Delhi
Delhi being the capital city is well-linked by the air and rail transport.

By Air
Delhi is suitably connected to all the main cities of the world with nearly all the major airlines operating out of here. The airport serves the domestic and international flights. The Delhi airport is called as Indira Gandhi International Airport has as many as five terminals.

By Rail
The super-fast and express trains connect all the major tourist destinations of the rest of India. There are three major railway stations in Delhi. The facility of luxury trains such as Palace-on-Wheels; Fairy Queen, and Royal Orient Express is also extended. Rajdhani Express trains connect Delhi from the state capitals. Shatabdi Express trains connect Delhi to the neighboring cities.

By Road
New Delhi is connected to all the chief cities of the northern India through fine road network.

How To Reach Mumbai
The international gateway of India, Mumbai has the busiest domestic air network in the country. The offices of the domestic and international airlines are located in Mumbai at the Nariman Point. Mumbai is an important railway hub of India and all the major destinations of India are connected by the express railways.

How to Reach Trivandrum -Thiruvananthapuram
Trivandrum is the capital city of Kerala and offers direct flights to Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi through various domestic airlines. The international airlines connect the cities in the neighboring nations like Singapore, Colombo, Malé, and cities of Arabian Gulf.

Trivandrum is also well-connected to other major cities of India and Kerala by rail network. The travelers heading towards North India and Delhi, Himsagar Express is the ideal choice.
The real Kerala can best be discovered through the water transport and the backwaters of Kerala make for a great cruising experiencing. The water boats are available and connect the inter-state destinations through the water transport.

With such excellent transportation network, getting to Kerala would not be problematic for the tourists. offers information on Transportation to the Ayurveda Resorts,India.