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Tourist Destinations In Aurangabad

The historical and architectural sites have always been a cause of the inflow of innumerable tourists in Aurangabad each year. The magnificence of the heritage sites has always able to cast a spell upon the tourists thus enticing them to frequent this town again and again. Apart from the various architectural sites, the traditional textiles and handicraft items are also quite popular. The tourist destinations in Aurangabad, Maharashtra have virtually no end and continue to enthrall the tourists who frequent this charming town. While on your holidays in Aurangabad this year, you can relive the ancient heritage of this once affluent town through its many archeological wonders.

Bibi Ka Maqbara
Bibi Ka Maqbara is undoubtedly one of the most fabulous pieces of Mughal architecture standing magnificently in the landscape garden with fountains, ponds and water channels surrounding it. The spectacular architectural piece of art was built in the year 1678 by Azam Shah as a tribute to his mother Begum Rabia Durrani and it is analogous to the Taj Mahal of Agra as far its architectural nuances go. The elaborately designed and perforated marble screens are classic instances of Mughal art.

Built by Malik Ambar in the year 1695, Panchakki is a medieval water mill and it sources water through an underground channel from the spring at a distance of 8 kms. The power from the watermill is also utilized to turn the large grinding stones that help in grinding the flour for the pilgrims visiting this tomb. It is one of the finest tourist destinations in Aurangabad and also has a garden and a tank with fishes that enhance the beauty of the place.

Aurangabad Caves
Among the other things to watch in Aurangabad, Aurangabad Caves stands a close second. It is a remarkable work of the ancient sculptors of India who carved out the south facing hill overlooking the town into stunning pieces of art. There are three pillars are that are intricately sculpted and illustrate the Jataka tales. Apart from the various images Hindu deities, there is a large sized Buddha image in a preaching position at the end of the hall.

The tourist destinations in Aurangabad also embrace History Museum of Marathwada University which is the repository of ancient art and sculpture of Aurangabad. Aurangabad that witnessed the rise and fall of many dynasties and also houses important manuscripts, pieces of art, miniature paintings to display. The most amazing among all the works of art are the pieces of Chinese and Japanese art and several manuscripts in Persian and Arabic languages dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

Also worth watching is the State Archaeology Museum, Sonehri Mahal which is excavated from the sites in Paithan and exhibits pieces of sculpture and broken panels. With so many tourist destinations in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, your tour to Aurangabad will definitely going to be a gratifying one. offers online information on the Tourist Destinations in Aurangabad in Maharashtra and also offers useful inputs about Aurangabad.