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Tourist sites near Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is located on the north-eastern tip of India, with Bhutan on the west, China on the north, Myanmar on the east and the states of Assam on the south. Evergreen forest covers more than 60 % of the state area. Besides, there are many tourist sites near Arunachal Pradesh which one can enjoy along with the streams, rivers, mountains and peaks, its' endless variations of scenic beauty and the first greeting to the sunrise.


Tezpur (Assam) Sonitpur-Known in the olden days is a city steeped in mythology legend & folklore.


Orchid research center at Tipi (Bhalukpong)-Out of thousand species of orchids in India, over 500 are found in Arunachal.

Sherdukpen tribal villages-Practise the Mahayana sect of Buddhism.

The District HQ

Monpa tribal villages Tsela Lake at an height of 14000ft


The land of Monpa tribes and the major centre of the Mahayana Buddhism. Tawang Monastery-The 300 year old Monastery, locally called 'Gompa' is considered to be the oldest in India and second largest Monastery in Asia after Lhasa in Tibet.


Have a marvelous view of the snow capped mountains and inhabitant of mixed tribal group of Monpa, Sherdulpen, Aka, Miji and Bhugun and Tibetains.

Jung waterfall

'Jaswantgarh'-a 1962 India-China war memorial


Visit the ruin of the 14th century fort old capital.

Lower Sabunsiri district

An altitude of 1560m, a plateau surrounded by Apatani tribal villages of Diibo - Hija - Bulla - Hari & Hong.


An altitude of 600m is an inhabitant of Tagin tribes

Hillmiri tribal villages


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