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Agra Excursions

A city steeped in history and rich cultural heritage, echoing of its rich historical past, the city of Agra is set along the banks of the graceful Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh. However, the Agra excursions can be equally entertaining on your tour to India. Explore the following places while you are touring the grand city of Agra:

Mathura -
Situated approximately 50 km north of Agra, and 150 km south of Delhi, the holy city of Mathura is the administrative centre of Mathura District of Uttar Pradesh. Known to be the birthplace of Krishna, it offers some of the nicest tourist attractions in India, like Jaigurudeo Temple, Dwarikadheesh Temple, Kans Kila and Vishram Ghat.

Govardhan Hill -
Legend has it that Lord Krishna lifted this small hillock called the Govardhan Hill to rescue the villagers from torrential rains caused by God Indra. Located 25 km away from Mathura, it is in particular important to sects that worship Krishna or Vishnu as the Supreme God (Ishvara) such as Vaishnavism and Gaudiya Vaishnavism.

Vrindavan -
At 10 km from Mathura is located the sacred site of Vrindavan. Believed to have been the place of Lord Krishna's growing up years, it offers several temples, shrines, memorial stones, and hermitages of saints, disciples and followers of Krishna and offers itself as one of the finest excursions from Agra. Govind Dev Temple and Rangaji Temple are some of the significant spots to visit in Vrindavan.

Gokul -
As per Hindu mythology, Gokul was where Lord Krishna was raised secretly. Located around 16 km south of Mathura it has numerous temples to be visited. Some of the important tourist spots are Chaurasi Khamba, Utkhal, and Brahmand Ghat.

Built between 1571 and 1584 by Akbar the Great, Fatehpur Sikri is a unique piece of art in itself. The architectural masterpiece of this deserted city about 37 km from Agra is primarily built in red sandstone and exudes a blend of Hindu and Muslim styles in its architectural forms.

Ferozabad -
Ferozabad is famous for glass products. Located approximately 44 km away from Agra, this industrial city is where you can buy and sell glass bangles and chandeliers in abundance.

Gwalior -
One of the favorite Agra excursions is the city of Gwalior. Located in the Gird region of North India, the city offers some of the finest places of interest, like, Gwalior Fort, Gujari Mahal, Man Mandir Palace, Jai Vilas Palace and Museum and Gurudwara Data Bandhi Chhod.

Jaipur -
Also known as the Pink City due to the pink stucco made in imitation of sandstone, Jaipur is a place with plenty of tourist spots like Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Jaigarh Fort and Amber Palace.

Bharatpur -
The main attraction of Bharatpur is the Keoladeo Ghana National Park, also called the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Located between Agra and Jaipur, this north Indian sanctuary is one of the greatest tourist destinations on your tour to India.

Aligarh -
Set at 86 km from Agra, Aligarh is famously home to the renowned Aligarh Muslim University. It was founded by Sir Syad Ahmad Khan in the 19th century.

On your tour to Agra you can embark upon the excursions from Agra and visit some of the best tourist spots in the country.

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