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The summer capital of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the city of Srinagar is considered to be the mother of all hill stations in India. Located on the banks of the Jhelum River, which is a tributary of the Indus River, the city of Srinagar at 876 km north of Delhi is almost paradise on earth with numerous lakes and valleys spread throughout the land. Such unparalleled beauty and historic associations make it one of the highlights of tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dal Lake Owing its name to two Sanskrit words, Sri (meaning profusion and wealth) and Nagar, (meaning a city), Srinagar was discovered by the King Pravarasena II over 2,000 years ago. A visit to Srinagar, one of the loveliest tourist attractions in India, will help you discover a different facet of the nation�s history. Going back at least to the 3rd century BC, the city was originally a part of the Mauryan Empire, which was one of the major empires of India.

The tourist attractions in Srinagar are varied and numerous. Natural beauty being the main attraction of the city, it is full of captivating landscapes. Gliding down the Dal Lake in the houseboats or a visit to the Mughal Gardens or Shalimar Gardens can be an experience of a lifetime. There are also a number of nice places to be visited near Srinagar. Most of these sites are located in lovely scenic backdrop of the majestic Himalayas. Besides offering natural beauty, they are some of the finest destinations for adventure loving travelers.

Being one of the major tourist attractions in India, Srinagar is visited by large number of tourists every year. Accordingly, the city offers a huge range of accommodation options. Most of them are located at convenient distance from the main transport depots and the different hotel packages offer first class facilities. The well-furnished and well-decorated rooms equipped with most of the modern make for excellent stays in Srinagar. You will have the luxury of choosing your type of accommodation according to your own preferences.

Easily reachable through road, air and rail from almost all the other major Indian cities, the city of Srinagar is a favorite tourist destination among most nature lovers and a visit to this city of unbeatable charm will mesmerize you to the hilt.

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