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   Samode is a pictorial town located near Jaipur and is well-known for its rich culture and art. If you like exploring and understanding the rural life of Rajasthan, then Samode is an ideal place for you. Samode is located at distance of 42 kms from Jaipur and is most popular for its grandiose havelis ( mansions ) and exquisite handicrafts. You will definitely love the welcome change that this place has to offer as it is alien to the cacophony and rush of city life. Enjoy the colorful life of rural Rajasthan that will bring to light the traditions and culture of Rajasthan.

A tour to Samode will give you an opportunity to catch a glimpse of some of the finest landmarks and the most prominent being Samode Palace. This place remains one of the most sought-after among the tourist attractions in Samode. This architectural splendor has been converted into a heritage hotel that serves the tourists wishing to relive the past grandeur of the place. The other highlights of this majestic town are The Fort of Sheograrh and Samode Bagh that are known for their distinctive appeal. The region of Shekhawati is two and half hours away from Samode and is ideal for short excursions. It is called as the living art gallery of the world.

Samode offers several lodging options to the tourists dropping in here. There is a heritage hotel located in Samode called Samode Palace and offers a tinge of the past coupled with modern day comfort and luxury. There are also some of the other hotels that are located around Samode and you can make them your base for the exploration of the other places of tourist interest nearby.

Since Samode has gained popularity in terms of tourism, the transportation to this place has also improved significantly. You can access Samode from the major towns of India and the nearby destinations in Rajasthan such as Udaipur and Delhi with ease. The nearest airport is located in Jaipur and it caters to regular flights to Delhi, Mumbai, and Udaipur.

The rail transport is an equally good option, Jaipur being the nearest railway station offering train services to Calcutta, Delhi and Mumbai among the other important cities of India. The services of the state transportation buses have made road transportation a viable option, the roads being convenient for long distance travel.

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