Tourist Places in India offers complete travel information on Periyar National Park and Tiger Reserve, one of the foremost wildlife sanctuaries in India and famous for its population of Indian Elephants and Tigers
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Periyar National Park is beautifully nestled in the Western Ghats in the Idukki District in the state of Kerala. It is a jewel of Kerala and is a natural habitat to a number of wild species among which some are endangered as well. It is one of the most enchanting wildlife parks in of the world and a magnificent stopover in the itinerary of a tourist who wants to come close to nature and experience its splendid treasures. It is also an irresistible temptation for the enthusiasts of wildlife photography. A tour to Periyar is surely going to become one of the most memorable tours in India.

One of the most striking tourist attractions in Periyar is its lake which is called the PeriyarLake. The huge lake is the perennial source of water for the wild denizens residing in this exquisite forest. Periyar is most famous for the elephants that are spotted near the lake. The various other inhabitants that you can encounter during your tour to Periyar are leopard, wild dog, barking deer, mouse deer, Nilgiri langur (a primate), bonnet macaque, sambhar, porcupines, squirrels, gaur (Indian bison), wild boar and sloth bear. You can also get a glimpse of the tiger if you are fortunate enough.

Periyar National Park in Kerala is also famous for the reptilian species such as monitor lizards, pythons, king cobras and flying lizards. A good number of the bird species can also be found that include darters, cormorants, ibises, gray herons, mynas, flycatchers, orioles, wood pigeons, kingfishers, kites, ospreys, thrushes, and blue-winged parakeets.

Periyar is a wonderful place for organizing nature tours and trekking since its impeccable natural ambiance and a challenging terrain makes it a veritable spot for adventure activities. The resident naturalists and officials will provide you with information regarding the natural surroundings of this place.

For the tourists who want to enjoy the natural wonders of Periyar by staying here there are many hotels in Peiryar. You may choose from the deluxe hotels in Periyar that are Hotel Taj Garden Retreat and Hotel Spice Village. The first class hotels are Aranya Niwas Hotel and Shalimar Gardens. There are also a good number of the budget hotels that are located here such as Hotel Ambadi, Green Berg Holiday Resort, Edassery Resorts and Woodlands Prime Castle.

Periyar is well-linked by good roads from the state capital of Thiruvananthapuram and also the other cities such as Cochin, Kottayam and Madurai. The nearest rail station is Kottayam and the nearest airports are Cochin and Madurai.

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