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Geographically, Kushinagar is situated in Uttar Pradesh and is an important site for the Buddhist pilgrims. Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha died and attained salvation. The small town of Kushinagar is spread over an area of 6 kilometers, at a distance of 55 kilometers from Gorakhpur, which is an important city in Uttar Pradesh. This town stands on the bank of the river Hiranyavati. Earlier, during the time when the Buddha came to Kushinagar, the town was ruled by the Mallas.

Nirvana Temple of Kushinagar Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh is visited by a large number of Buddhist pilgrims. The serenity and the tranquility of the place fill one with the feeling of peace and devotion in this small and beautiful city. Kushinagar is most famous for the fact that this is the place of Mahaparinirvana. The city is also abounds in monuments, stupas and viharas that date back to 230 BC to 413 AD.

After the death of Lord Buddha, Kushinagar town almost lost its importance as a town flocked by a number of tourists and pilgrims. The town revived its importance after General A. Cunningham and A.C.I. Carlyl, with excavations brought forward the statue of the reclining Budhha.

A visit to Kushinagar gives one a deeper insight on Buddhism. The pilgrimage attractions at Kushinagar are:

  • Nirvana Stupa
  • Nirvana Temple
  • Mathakuar Shrine
  • Ramabhar Stupa
  • Kushinagar Museum
  • Buddha Vihar
  • Wat thai Temple

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