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Kerala Culture

India is a huge and multifaceted country with every nook and corner of the nation projecting a unique cultural bias, leading you into the traditional mores of the particular place or community. Accordingly, the culture of Kerala is as exclusive and unique, highlighting a typical tradition of lifestyle, culture and art, different from the rest of South India. However if you wish to know more about culture of Kerala, take resort of

Kerala Dance forms, Kerala Martial arts, Kerala cuisine, Kerala culture
With the orientation of Kerala culture adhering largely to the Dravidian culture of the past, it has evolved tremendously with time responding to the various influences by several seafarers and visitors from distant places like Greece, Italy, China, France and Africa.

Arts and Crafts of Kerala:
Arts and crafts of Kerala speak volumes about the More about Culture of Kerala in general.

Dances of Kerala:
Kerala Dance forms, Kerala Martial arts, Kerala cuisine, Kerala culture Among the various performing arts, Kathakali is a 300-year-old dance form that has developed exclusively in Kerala revealing a combination of the different performing art forms of ballet, opera, masque, and pantomime, drawing essence from roughly every type of formalized dance, drama and martial arts. A Kathakali dance performance, famous worldwide, exudes a lot of exuberance in terms of choreography, music, drama, color, costume, and expressions. Other well known dance forms of this state are Mohiniyattom, Krishnanattom, Kolkkali, Kakkarishi Natakom, Koodiyattom, Thullal, Thiruvathirakali, Oppanna, and Chavittunatakom.

Crafts of Kerala:
The Keralite craftsmen are naturally skilled to create wonderful items out of the simplest bits of material. Woodcarving, among these, is the most popular craft form and the craftsmen create some of the exclusive wooden items.

Martial Arts of Kerala:
The various forms of martial arts of Kerala including Kalaripayattu, Parisa Kali, Valeru, Velakanni, Kunderu and Njaninmel Kali have gained tremendous popularity throughout the globe over the ages.

Kerala cuisine, Kerala Food, Spices of Kerala, Kerala specialties, Kerala dishes Cuisine:
Idlis, dosas, uttapams, rasams, and a host of dishes made of coconut, tamarind and chilies that are the main dishes of Kerala cuisine are extremely popular dishes all around the world today.

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