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   Kanyakumari is said to be the southernmost point of the Indian peninsula and is an inescapable tourist destination of south India for the tourists. With its clear beaches and vast stretches of sands,it remains one of the most favored tourist spots for the visitors. It is also a popular temple town as it features some of the finest temples found in the state. A tour to this place would result in a whole lot of fun and pleasure for the tourists.

Kanyakumari is located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu and you cannot afford to miss out the sunrise and sunset while you are here for your vacations. The most fascinating feature of this town is its multi-hued beaches. On your travel to Kanyakumari, you will come across the Kumari Amman Temple which is devoted to the goddess Parvathi. The renowned Vivekananda Rock Memorial is built in several architectural styles off the coast on rocks that project from the Indian Ocean.

Kanyakumari was formerly known as Cape Comorin and is home to several historic sites that are many centuries old. The place is endowed by natural beauty which is unmatched by any other tourist destination of India. Tourism in Kanyakumari has led to an upsurge of the hotels that are located all around and form the ideal bases to explore the place. There are many categories of accommodations available in Kanyakumari and you can choose from any of the desired accommodation according to your taste and preference. The climatic conditions of Kanyakumari remain almost constant throughout the year and the winters are ideal for making a trip to Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari is home to lots of other tourist attractions including the Gandhi Memorial, Government Museum and Sripada Parai where the virgin goddess is believed to have set her foot. Lots of important landmarks are located close to the town and a day trip to those places would definitely make for a wonderful travel experience. Kanyakumari is also popular for its mouthwatering regional cuisine that is available in a large number of hotels and restaurants. There are many food and beverage outlets that are located near the important tourist attractions and you should not miss out the lip-smacking seafood which is served there.

The affable people and their culture cast a spell on the tourist and they long to visit this place again and again. Kanyakumari is well-connected by air, rail and road transport. The nearest airport is Chennai and Thruvananthapuram which is located in the neighboring state�Kerala. Vacations in Kanyakumari are incomplete without shopping; various articles that are sold here include Handcrafted trinkets, seashell art and palm leaf drawings.

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