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India is one of the most beautiful countries in the World bounded by rivers, seas, Oceans and Mountains making it a perfect Honeymoon destination. The Country is bounded by the Himalayas in the North, the Bay of Bengal in the East, Indian Ocean in the South and the Arabian Sea in the West. There are a large number of beaches bordering the water bodies. The beaches in the states of Orissa, Kerala, Goa and Andaman Islands are noteworthy. Moreover, the Hilly regions in different states in India are also among the important honeymoon destinations. We at provide you with complete information on all that you want to know about the honeymoon beaches in India.

Some of the most popular honeymoon destinations in India include:

Goa: This state of India lies in the Western part of the Indian subcontinent along the Shores of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the wonderful honeymoon destinations for the tourists because of its beaches which are frequented by tourists from all over the World. Some of the World famous beaches in Goa include the Anjuna Beach, Arambol Beach, Agonda Beach, Baga Beach, Dona Paula Beach, and the Palolem beach.

Kerala: The Indian State of Kerala lies in the Southern part of the Indian Subcontinent. This state is also bounded by the Arabian Sea in its West and is famous for its backwater tourism. The beaches in the state are a perfect honeymoon destination because of its scenic beauty and serene environment. Some of the prominent beaches in Kerala include the Alappuzha Beach, Bekal Beach, Kovalam beach, Marari Beach and the Varkala Beach.

Andaman Islands: The Andaman and the Nicobar Islands are a group of Islands in the Bay of Bengal. These Islands have sandy beaches popular for turtle nesting and are among the prominent honeymoon destinations in India. Some of the most sought after beaches in these Islands include the Radhanagar Beach, Harminder Bay Beach, Karmatang Beach, and the Ramnagar Beach. Another important honeymoon destination is the beach near the Galathia Island in Nicobar which is famous for giant leather back turtles.

West Bengal: The beaches in West Bengal are famous for its picturesque beauty. These beaches lie in the Southern part of the State bordering the State of Orissa. Some of the prominent honeymoon beaches in West Bengal are in Digha, Shankarpur, Junput, Bakkhali, Frazergunj and Sagardwip.

One can also visit hill stations like Nainital, Darjeeling, Kokaikanal, Shimla, Srinagar, Coorg, Khandala Manali and Ooty for a perfect honeymoon vacation. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Honeymoon beaches in India and other important facts about these beaches.

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