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Tourist Places in India

East India Tourism

East India offers you an interesting combination of rich cultural traditions and a wide variety of tourist attractions such as beaches, hill stations and pilgrimage centers. The sheer natural beauty of this part of India is amazing with the rolling hills, meadows, waterfalls and the tranquil rivers. East India also offers you plenty of scope for adventure sports such as trekking. It is an ideal honeymoon destination as well.

West Bengal: Just as a canvas has several colors, West Bengal has different beaches, forests, pilgrimage centers and heritage sites, which makes it a traveler’s favorite. You can visit Darjeeling and enjoy the misty and cool climate, which encourages you to go for activities such as trekking. The tranquil beach at Digha is 180 km from Kolkata. The other beaches around Digha are Mandarmoni, Shankarpur and Tajpur where you can  try water sports like para-gliding and rafting. The forest region in North Bengal, Dooars is home to popular tourist attractions such as Jaldapara, Buxa and Gorumara forests. The major centers for pilgrimage in West Bengal are Tarapith, Furfura Sharif, Kalighat, Dakhineshwar, Tarakeswar, Belur Math and Mayapur. The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, has several tourist attractions such as Victoria Memorial Hall, Zoological Garden, Botanical Garden, Science City, Nicco Park, Birla Planetarium, Marble Palace and Nehru Museum.

Bihar:Bihar is also called the land of Lord Buddha. One of the oldest universities, Nalanda, is in Bihar. Patna is the capital of Bihar and the sacred Ganges flows along the city. Few places to see here are Vaishali, Patna, Rajgir, Pawapur and Buddha Gaya. While visiting Bihar you should also not miss out on tourist sites such as Maner Sharif, Khankah Mujibia, Dargah Sharif and Khankah Emadia.

Jharkhand: In 2000, Jharkhand was made a separate state out of Bihar. The woodlands occupy 29% of the state and it is rich in minerals. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, which is also considered as an industrial city. The places to visit here are Palamou, Netarhat, Shahpur and the Betla districts.You should also visit other prominent tourist attractions such as Sun Temple, Dassam falls, Hazaribagh, Hudru falls and Parasnath Temple.

Orissa: Located along the eastern coast of Bay of Bengal, Orissa is also known as the “Soul of India”. Bhubaneshwar is the capital of Orissa. Here you can see wildlife sanctuaries, temples, beaches and lakes. The sun temple in Konark is a landmark by itself and the Jaganath Temple in Puri is considered as one of the four “dhams” of India. The Chilka Lake can be visited for dolphins and Nandan Kanan is the home of animals like tigers, chimpanzees, crocodile and rhinosoruses. The vibrant beach at Puri makes sure you have a memorable vacation.

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