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Chennai - Madras Tourism

Chennai (Madras) is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu. The district is located in the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal and is one of the four largest metropolitan cities in India. The city was originally known as Madras Patnam and was located in the Tondaimandalam Province. We at provide you with all that you want to known about the Indian city of Chennai (Madras).

Guindy National Park, Chennai Madras India Chennai (Madras) is one of the most important Industrial cities and is one of the major exporters of Information Technology services in India. The city was established in the 17th Century by the British where they built the Fort St. George to establish British Power in South India.

The city of Chennai covers a total area of about 174 square km with a total population of about 4343645. The city has a large number of tourist destinations which includes temples and other places of interest in and around the city. Important temples in the city include the Kapaleeswarer Temple at Mylapore, Parthasarathy temple at Triplicane, Vadapalini Andavar Temple at Vadapalini, Shrine Velankanni and Shri Devi Astha lakshmi temple The festivals are mainly based on the agricultural activities and according to the position of the stars and planets. Pongal, celebrated in the month of January, is the most important festival of Chennai. Being a cosmopolitan city, almost all the religious festivals are celebrated here.

Mahabalipuram, Chennai Madras Tourism, Sightseeing Madras Other important places of interest in the city include Fort St. George, Santhome Basilica, Anna Square, High Court, Children�s park, Deer Park, Snake Park, Marina Beach Aquarium, Anna Zoological park, National Art Gallery, Raj Bhawan Estate and Kalakshetra. One can also visit the Marina Beach which extends for 13 km which was once used to store massive ice blocks transported by ship from North America. It is a beautiful beach and is visited by large number of tourists every year. The best time to visit the city is between November and February.

The city of Chennai (Madras) provides recreational facilities to the tourists. The city has a large number of bars, cinema halls, clubs and discotheques for the tourists to chill out. The city is also famous for its handicraft industry. Important handicraft items found in the city include Bronze and brass articles, Tanjore Art plates, sandal wood and terracotta items, glass toys, Tanjore picture paintings, garlands and musical instruments to name a few.

There are a large number of hotels in Chennai which ranges from Star categories to Budget categories from which the tourists can choose depending upon their taste and purse. Madras is well connected by roads, rails and air. The city has a domestic airport � Kamraj Airport, which is connected by major airlines from different cities of India and an International Airport � Anna International Airport. The major railheads are the Madras Central and Egmore Stations which are connected with major cities in India by regular train services. Besides, luxury bus services connect Chennai with other states in India. is an international travel site and a repository of useful information about Chennai (Madras) and on other related information about the city.
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