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Tourist Information on India

Tourist Places in India
Acquiring proper tourist information on India is one of the prime steps on one’s tour to India. One of the earliest and richest civilizations in the world, India has seen the invasions and assaults of various countries and races.

Originally a country with deep rooted culture and ethnicity, India boasts of the Indus Valley civilization as one of the oldest of its kind in the world. Excavations show that the historical cities of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa that were buried due to earthquakes were actually much developed than most other countries in the world in almost every sphere. Gradually the Aryan and Asian invasions made their presence felt. The north Indian culture was quite different from the Dravidian culture of the south. The northern states witnessed several ups and downs on the political front through ages. Owing to the invasion of the Tughlaqs, and later still, the Mughals, the Aryan and Dravidian cultures started mixing with each other and raised a voice against the Mughal Dynasty.

However, the 200 years of their rule gave way to another 200 years of foreign rule as the British replaced them. Through a series of revolts and revolutions and several martyrs going down to rid India of the foreign dominances, finally India got her independence in 1947. However, these various rules and reigns have side by side resulted in a series of various architectural and artistic masterpieces, enhancing the prospects of tourism in India.

How to Get There
An important segment of tourist information on India is the query as to how to reach the country. India is a country in the south eastern Asian subcontinent and is well connected to all parts of the world. Regular air services connect the countries of the world. Generally Mumbai, on the western coast connects the western world while Delhi and Kolkata connects the eastern countries. However, the 19 medium and 12 international airports serve connections to most of the major cities around the world.

Rail network throughout the country is extremely well laid and regular train services are available to reach the major tourist destinations. The roads are also well connected and well maintained, offering bus services on regular basis.

The numerous tourist attractions in India include the original Indian structures and monuments and the various British colonial as well as Mughal influences. The north Indian and South Indian rock cut temples with intricate architecture and glimpses of scientific approach are major lures of the tourists in India.

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