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Tourist Places in Shilong

Shilong There are a number of tourist places in Shilong. Amongst the must visits are:

Waterfalls in Shilong

The Crinoline Falls is about 12-13 m in height and lies to the west of the Survey of India Office. There is a swimming pool at the base of the falls.

The Gunner's Falls 1 is about 24-26 m in height and is near the military establishment on the Upper Shilong road. It is about 1.6 km from the GPO.

Peaks in Shilong

Shilong Peak, the highest point of Shilong, is located 5 km to the south of the city and is 1961 meters (6,433 feet) in altitude. Being the highest peak in the district, it is often surrounded with fog. The peak itself is not steep, but rather semi-circular like that of a crown placed on the flat and extensive top of the Shilong Hill. The peak is accessible via the Upper Shilong or Jowai Road.

The Sohpetbneng Peak is 1343 m in altitude and is regarded as sacred by the Hynfiiewtrep tribe. It is a picturesque location.

Lakes in Shilong

The Ward Lake is an important tourist site of Shilong. It is a horseshoe-shaped artificial lake lying beneath the Raj Bhavan (Governor's Residence) and the Accountant General's (AG) Office, with little isles and a bridge over it. The lake abounds in fish (grass carps) and feeding the fish from the bridge is a favorite pastime of the tourists.

Seventeen kilometers before Shilong is situated Umiam or Barapani-a large lake formed after a hydroelectric dam was built across a stream. In recent years, this has become an increasingly popular place for outings and weekend visits.

Other Tourist Places in Shilong

The State Museum is located at the State Central Library complex in Laichumiere and visitors can catch a glimpse of the heritage and lifestyle of the Khasi tribe here. The Butterfly Museum at Riatsamthiah holds a rare collection of butterflies and moths.

The Botanical Garden near Ward Lake has some species of flora of the region. A better place is the Orchidarium of the Botanical Survey of India. It has a rare collection of orchids and is a treat to the nature lover.

Near the Botanical Garden, one can find the celebrated Golf Course, called the Gleneagles of the East. The Golf club retains the colonial touch and is the first 18-hole golf course in Asia.

Behind the Shilong Civil Hospital, near the Pine Mount School, is the Lady Hydari Park. It has a small museum, a small zoo, an aviary, and a deer park among tall cedars and pines.

In front of St. Edmund's College, one can visit the fruit garden, maintained by the Department of Agriculture. During spring, one can see the trees in full bloom. There are many reservoirs filled with natural spring water that have the dual purpose of watering the gardens and functioning as a nursery-known as "Fishdale"-for the raising and breeding of fish, notably hill-trout and carps.

Shilong is also famous for its churches. The most beautiful church is that of the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians. Directly below the hill is the Grotto Church. The All Saints Church opposite the State Central Library is an attractive structure made out of wood.



Cherrapunji village

About 56 km from Shilong is Cherrapunji village (East Khasi Hills district), now called Sohra. Located on the Shilong plateau about 55 km southwest of Shilong, Cherrapunji and Mausynram (another village nearby) are reputed to be the wettest places in the world.


The summer capital of the Jaintia kings, Nartiang, is about 65 km east of Shilong. There is a park of megaliths, some of which are as high as 8. A 500-year-old temple of Durga is another attraction at Nartiang.


En route Nartiang, 64 km from Shilong, is the small lake of Thadlaskein. It is a beautiful picnic spot.


About 13 km from Shilong is the village of Nongkrem. It is the seat of the Syiem of Nongkrem, whose estate extends up to Shilong. The traditional Nongkrem Dance festival is held here around autumn and draws large crowds of visitors.


Sixty-four kilometers from Shilong is Jakrem, a popular health resort having hot springs of sulfur water, believed to have curative medicinal properties. Dawki, a border town, 96 km from Shilong, provides a glimpse of Bangladesh.


Jowai is a popular and prosperous town situated on a beautiful plateau 1,500 m above sea level. Three sides of this plateau slope sharply down to the Hai River and contiguous areas are rich in coal deposits. It is also an important station on the route to Silchar and Agartala.

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