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Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Horse Safari

Since the ancient times, horses have been of prime importance to the people of Rajasthan. Whether for use as quick transportation, or for battles, horses have always been associated with the daily life of the Rajasthani people. Many legends abound about the famous horses of historic personalities. Chetak, the gallant horse of Maharana Pratap is an example. Horse safari in Rajasthan is a relatively recent development in the tourism of the state. Various areas traditionally known for horse trails have been identified to offer horse safaris to tourists. These safaris are a wonderful way to explore the treasures of Rajasthan on horseback, and relive to some extent the life of the medieval Rajput warriors. The chief aim is to add to the growth of tourism in Rajasthan.

The Shekhawati region is particularly famous for their fine breed of horses and this region is the hub of horse safari in Rajasthan. Excellent breeds of horses are offered in these horse safaris. The famous breeds include Marwaris, Kathiawaris and Sindhis. The adventure lovers will surely enjoy riding across the beautiful and rugged terrain of the region. The base of most of the horse safaris in Rajasthan is at Roop Niwas palace in Nawalgarh, Shekhawati. The stables of Roop Niwas are among the best in India known for their thoroughbred horses.

The Shekhawati horse safaris are the best way to explore the various spots of the region where motor vehicles cannot reach. They also give you a rare and up close view of the desert life. These safaris take you to the villages where you can observe the village folk busy with their day to day lives, their arts, culture and recreation. The trails pass through magnificent terrain that includes forests, dry salt lake beds, and flat grasslands. You can trot, canter, or gallop, according to instructions of your guide, and marvel at the sights that pass by. Halts are arranged at some historic locales, or camping sites.

The team that moves with the safaris consists of experienced out riders, cooks, camp in- charge, folk entertainers, and a host of support staff.


The safaris have been carefully planned by experts in the trade. Extensive research has gone into the planning of the itineraries. The meal halts, and the camp sites have been chosen after a lot of exploration. The most famous routes include the following �

Horse Safari in Shekhawati - 7 Nights 8 Days (Nawalgarh to Salasar) Horse Safari to Pushkar - 7 Nights 8 Days (Nawalgarh to Pushkar). Horse Safari to Bikaner - 6 Nights 7 Days (Nawalgarh to Bikaner). Horse Safari to Samod - 4 Nights 5 Days (Nawalgarh to Churu). Horse Safari to Samod - 7 Nights 8 Days (Nawalgarh to Churu).


Accommodation is usually provided in camps that are pitched at well chosen spots that match up with the ambience of the tours. Some tours may include accommodation in the various heritage hotels of the region.

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