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Fairy Queen Train Tour

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  • Tourism in Rajasthan is an enchanting experience and the authorities are constantly trying out new ways to lure tourists to the state. The Rajasthan luxury trains are among the unique ventures undertaken by the tourism authorities in collaboration with the Indian railways. These trains offer an amazing journey through the magnificent landscape of the state and take tourists to the bygone days of kings and aristocrats. The Fairy Queen Train tour is one such tour that takes tourists on an enchanting journey of Rajasthan.

    The Fairy Queen is actually the name of the locomotive that drives this two coach train. This is the world’s oldest operational locomotive, having first started service in India in 1855. The Fairy Queen was removed from service in 1908, and was displayed as an exhibit in the Rail museum in New Delhi. The engine underwent overhauling in 1996, and on 18th July 1997, the Fairy Queen started its second innings as a commercial locomotive. After that the locomotive has carried many passengers from Delhi cantonment to Alwar in Rajasthan and back.

    There are two air-conditioned coaches in the Fairy Queen - the chair car that can seat 50 people, and the pantry car. The lounge in front of the passenger coach is designed t give a wonderful view of the Fairy Queen in action as it chugs away through the arid landscape of Rajasthan. The comfortable seats and excellent food served by the pantry are among the highlights of the trip. There is no provision for onboard accommodation in the Fairy Queen.

    The itinerary of the Fairy Queen train tour involves sightseeing in Delhi and Alwar in Rajasthan. Overnight stay is arranged at Hotel Sariska Palace. The chief attraction of the tour is the safari in Sariska tiger reserve.

    Day 1 Train leaves Delhi Cantonment Station - 1000 hrs.
    Fairy Queen arrives at Alwar Railway Station - 1600 hrs.
    Departure from Alwar railway station by Air-conditioned coach - 1620 hrs.
    Arrival at Hotel Sariska Palace - 1730 hrs.
    Cultural Programs, dinner and overnight stay at Hotel - 1930 hrs.

    Day 2 - Sariska Tiger Reserve Jeep Safari - 0630 hrs.
    Return from Sariska tiger reserve. Breakfast at Tiger Den Hotel. - 0930 hrs.
    Departure from Sariska by Air-conditioned coach - 1200 hrs.
    Arrival at Alwar Railway Station. Aboard the Fairy Queen. - 1245 hrs.
    Fairy Queen starts from Alwar - 1300 hrs.
    Arrival at Delhi Cantonment Station. - 1845 hrs.

    The Fairy Queen starts from the Delhi cantonment railway station every 2nd and 4th Saturday during the months from October to March.

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