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Rajasthan is a colorful land of grandiose palaces, majestic forts and golden sand dunes. The charming past of this land can be felt lingering in every street and the various architectural monuments strewn all over the town. Not only for its rich culture and heritage but this place is equally popular for its festivals that further add top its grandeur.

You can visit Rajasthan and enjoy any of its festivals by referring the Rajasthan festival calendar. This calendar offers information on the various festivals of Rajasthan and some of them have been described below according to the month they occur.

Paush Shukla (December & January):
The festival celebrated in this month is Camel festival held in the town of Bikaner. This is an extravagant festival of Rajasthan and camels from all parts of the state take part in this festival and they are engaged in various competitions. The snake charmers, the fortune tellers, folk musicians and dancers add in their own way to the level of delight.

Magh (January & February):
In this month the Alwar festival is held that includes elephant polo, fancy dress, sketching competitions for children, flower show, and exhibition of rare and antique items of the region. Nagaur Fair & Ramdeoji Cattle Fair is an important festival held in this month and a large numbers of cattle are put on display including bullocks, camels and horses. The wooden items, iron-crafts and camel leather accessories are also exhibited.

The Desert festival also falls in this month and takes place in Jaisalmer. The festival is marked by ballads of valor, romance and tragedy. The festival also includes snake charmers, puppeteers, acrobats and folk performers. Baneshwar fair is another important festival of Rajasthan and occupies an important place in the Rajasthan festival calendar. It is a religious event and a number of devotees drop in to Baneshwar to offer prayers. With so many important festivals, this is probably the most important month in the festival calendar of Rajasthan.

Phalgun (February & March):
Elephant festival is an impressive event held every year in Jaipur and the Mahauts(Elephant trainers) exhibit great care to embellish the elephants by painting their trunks, foreheads, and feet with flowery motifs and decorating them from tusk to tail with appealing trinkets.

Brij festival is another important festival of Rajasthan held in the town of Bharatpur during which the villagers can be seen in multicolored attire singing and staging the Raslila (dance depicting the eternal love-story of Radha and Lord Krishna).

Chaitra (March & April):
Shitala Ashtami is a significant festival under this month and the local people pay homage to the goddess of small pox who is Sheetala Mata. The chief products that are sold during the fair are indigenous shoes, food items, agricultural implements and food. The other festivals celebrated during this festival are Gangaur Festival, Mewar Festival, Keladevi Fair and Mahaveerji Fair.

Shravan (July & August):
Teej festival is the major festival celebrated in this month in Jaipur and is meant for the married women and girls. During the festival a procession is carried out in Jaipur to commemorate the festival, where the idol of Teej bejeweled with jewelry and finery is the chief attraction.

Bhadra (August & September):
The Kajli festival is celebrated in this month in the town of Bundi. A procession of the Goddess is taken in a magnificently decorated golden palanquin from the beautiful Naval Sagar to the Azad Park. It passes through a number of main bazaars en-route escorted by elephants, camels, bands, performing artists and vibrantly dressed people. Ramdeora Fair is also another festival which is held in this month in the town of Jaisalmer.

Ashwin (September & October):
The Marwar festival takes place in Jodhpur city and is marked by wonderful folk performances by the local artists during the two-day gala festivities. Another festival held in this month is Dussehra Festival.

Kartik (November & December):
The most popular among all the festivals held in this month is the Pushkar fair. It takes place near the town of Ajmer and is organized by the Government of Rajasthan drawing owners of camels, horses, cows, goats and sheep who come with their herds for the purpose of trade. Men wear colorful turbans whereas the women are dressed in their colorful ankle-length skirts, adorned from head to toe with customary Rajasthani necklaces, waist bands, anklets and fascinating ivory bangles. The other important events in this month are Chandrabhaga Fair and Kolayat Fair.

Know more about the festivals of Rajasthan look up the Rajasthan Festival Calendar by clicking on to touristplacesinindia.com, which offers valuable travel information on Rajasthan.

Fair & Festival


Vikram Samvat










Camel FestivalBikanerPaush-Shukla-17-18 Jan06-07 Jan24-25 Jan13-14 Jan02-03 Jan21-22 Jan10-11 Jan31 Dec
Alwar FestivalAlwar--07-09 Feb13-15 Feb 11-13 Feb10-12 Feb09-11 Feb08-10 Feb13-15 Feb12-14 Feb
Nagaur Fair&
Ramdeoji Cattle Fair
NagaurMagh-S (7-10) -08-11 Feb28-31 Jan15-18 Feb04-07 Feb25-28 Feb13-16 Feb02-05 Feb22-25 Jan
Desert FestivalJaisalmerMagh-S (13-15)-14-16 Feb04-06 Feb21-23 Feb10-12 Feb31 Jan-02 Feb19-21 Feb07-09 Feb28-30 Jan
Baneshwar FairBaneshwar (Dungarpur)Magh-S(11-15)-12-16 Feb 01-05 Feb19-23 Feb108-12 Feb29 Jan-02 Feb17-21 Feb05-09 Feb26-30 Jan
Elephant FestivalJaipurPhalgun-S-15-17-Mar06-Mar 25-Mar14-Mar03-Mar21-Mar10-Mar28-Feb
Brij FestivalBharatpurPhalg.-S(11-13)25-27 Mar14-16 Mar02-04 Mar21-23 Mar10-12 Mar27-Feb17-19 Mar07-09 Mar25-27 Mar
Shitala AshtamiChaksu (Jaipur)Chaitra-K-804-Apr24-Mar 13-Mar01-Apr23-Mar12-Mar28-Mar 01-Mar19-Mar08-Mar
Gangaur FestivalJaipurChaitra-S (3-4)15-16 Apr04-05 Apr23-24 Mar11-12 Apr01-02 Apr21-22 Mar08-09 Apr29-30 Mar18-19 Mar
Mewar FestivalUdaipurChaitra -S (3-4)15-16 Apr04-05 Apr23-24 Mar11-12 Apr01-02 Apr21-22 Mar08-09 Apr29-30 Mar18-19 Mar
Keladevi FairKarauli (S. Madhopur)Chaitra-K(12)09-Apr29-Mar18-Mar06-Apr26-Mar16-Mar03-Apr23-Mar12-Mar
Mahaveerji FairMahaveer jiChaitra-S(9-15)21-27 Apr10-16 Apr30 Mar-05 Apr18-24 Apr07-13 Apr27 Mar-02 Apr14-20 Apr03-09 Apr24-30 Apr
Summer FestivalMt. AbuFixed Dates24-26 May14-16 May02-04 May21-23 May11-13 May30 Apr-02 May18-20 May07-09 May26-28 May
Teej FestivalJaipurShravan-S(3-4)11-12 Aug01-02 Aug19-20 Aug08-09 Aug128-29 Jul15-16 Aug04-05 Aug24-25 July12-13 Aug
Kajli TeejBundiBhadra-K(2-3)25-26 Aug14-15 Aug31 Aug-01 Sep20-21 Aug11-12 Aug30-31 Aug18-19 Aug08-09 Aug26-27 Aug
Ramdeora FairPokaran (Jaisalmer)Bhadra-S(9-10)15-16 Sep04-05 Sep22-23 Sep12-13 Sep02-03 Sep21-22 Sep09-10 Sep29-30 Aug17-18 Sep
Marwar FestivalJodhpurAshwin-S(14-15)19-20 Oct08-09 Oct 26-27 Oct16-17 Oct06-07 Oct25-26 Oct13-14 Oct03-04 Oct21-22 Oct
Dussehra FestivalKotaAshwin-S(8-10)13-15 Oct03-05 Oct20-22 Oct10-12 Oct30 Sep-02 Oct19-21 Oct07-09 Oct26-28 Sep15-17 Oct
Pushkar FairPushkar (Ajmer)Kartik-S(7-15)11-20 Nov31 Oct-08 Nov18-26 Nov08-15 Nov29 Oct-05 Nov17-24 Nov05-13 Nov25 Oct-02 Nov13-21 Nov
Chandrabhaga FairJhalawarKartik-S-14 Magh-K-118-20 Nov07-09 Nov25-27 Nov14-16 Nov04-06 Nov23-25 Nov21-2201-03 Nov20-22 Nov
Kolayat FairKolayat (Bikaner)Kartik-S-11 Magh-K-5 15-24 Nov04-13 Nov22 Nov-01 Dec12-21 Nov1-19 Nov20-29 Nov9-18 Nov29 Oct-07 Nov17-26 Nov
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