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Tourist Sites near Raipur

The city of Raipur presents an assortment of attractions to the tourists. Raipur tourism is a beautiful blend of wildlife, nature, history and tribal tourism. There are a number of tourist sites near Raipur. The city and its fringes boast of many monuments, temples, Buddhist sites, palaces, rare and endangered wildlife, lush green jungles, exotic waterfalls, plateaus, caves, rock paintings and unique tribal villages.

All the major tourist places near Raipur are easily accessible from the main city. The outskirts of the city form an interesting tourist destination. The forests, the waterfalls, the rivers and streams and the plateaus attract tourists from far and wide.

Some of the major tourist sites near Raipur:

Girodhpuri is situated at a distance of 135 kilometers from Raipur. The place is well known as the birth place of the holy saint Sant Ghasidas. He was the founder of Satnaam Panth. It is treated as a pilgrimage of Harijans.

Sivaha is about 140 kilometers away from Raipur. The place is a store house of natural beauty completely surrounded by forests and mountains. River Mahanadi originates from Sivaha. The place is also well known for the Ashram of the Hindu saint Hringi.

Seetanandi is another popular tourist destination near Raipur. The region is covered with forests. Seetanandi is situated at a distance of 170 kilometers from Raipur. It has a wildlife sanctuary as well. Some of the animals found here are deer, panther and leopard.

Nandanvan is a beautiful garden on the banks of River Kharron, developed by the Wildlife Division of the Raipur Forest department. Located about 15 km away from the main city the garden is full of natural beauty. There is a zoo as well housing lions, panthers, wild cats and deer.

Arang is sited on Sambalpur road, 36 kilometers away from Raipur. Arang is an old city with numerous ancient temples. It is slowly developing into a major tourist site. Some of the famous temples here are the Bhandadeval temple, the Baghdeval temple and the Mahamaya temple. The temples are beautiful examples of tribal architecture and some of them date back to the 11th -12th century. Other places worth a visit are the Danteshwari temple, the Chandi Maheshwari temple, the Panchamukhi Mahadev temple and the Panchamukhi hanuman temple.

Ravishankar dam is a very popular picnic spot. It is situated at a distance of 90 kilometers from Raipur. The dam is built on River Mahanadi and is 1246 meters in length. The dam is surrounded by palm trees, garden, forest and mountains.

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