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Pushkar Mela Book one of the many tour packages of Pushkar to make your stay hassle free and comfortable. Pushkar in Rajasthan, India, is considered as one of the holiest places in India. It abounds with numerous ghats, the holy lake and the temple of Lord Brahma. The ancient town is also famous for the camel fair it hosts every year. The fair is the largest in India. The amiable and somewhat sleepy town comes alive with activities during the festivities. Tourists from all over the world pour in to witness the amazing vibrancy of the fair and to take a dip in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake. The place is home to over 500 temples. offers you information on various tour Packages of Pushkar and many other tourist places in India.

Pushkar tourism is an important part of the tourism of Rajasthan. Hence there are numerous Pushkar tour packages for you to choose from. Generally all Rajasthan packages include Pushkar in their tour programs. But to be a part of the fair it is always advisable to book one of the exclusive tour packages of Pushkar.

The duration of the tour depends on the travel agent and package you choose. Normally, the tour of Pushkar spans from 6 to 8 days.

Places covered:
The places covered in a tour package depend on the type and cost of the package. Normally, all packages include a visit to the holy Pushkar Lake. It is said that a dip in the holy waters washes away sins of a life time. The tours might include a visit to all the 52 ghats of the lake. Some tours include trekking programs to the hill tops in the region. The Brahma temple is pretty famous and is included in all the tour packages.

There are tours which give top most priority to the cattle fair. There are pilgrim tours as well that consist of a visit to all the popular temples in the region. Some other sites are the Savitri temple, the Warah temple, the Mahadeva temple and the Ramavaikunth temple. Ask you travel agency to include camel safari in your tour package.

All well organized tours normally include accommodation facilities. There are numerous hotels in Pushkar. You can choose from a variety of luxury hotels, deluxe hotels, budget hotels, resorts and camps.

Including transportation facilities in your tour package is absolutely your choice though it is always sensible to do so. Most of the organized travel agents take care of transportation facilities along with the other facilities. The mode of transport mostly depends on the distance and the type of package you choose. Luxury coaches, AC cars and at times camels are arranged for sightseeing in Pushkar. offers you information on tour packages of Pushkar and other tourist places in India.