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Tourist Attractions in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is a state located in the central part of India and is a remarkable combination of spellbinding history, scenic natural beauty and strategic urban planning. This state has diverse topographical features that range from undulating hill ranges to swift rivers. There are also several heritage sites having historical monuments revealing the rich past. Thus, there are many tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh dotted all over the towns and demand a visit by the tourists. The prominent tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh are Bandhavgarh Park, Khajuraho, Kanha National Park, Karera Bird Sanctuary, Mandu, Orcha, Panchmarhi, Panna National Park, Sanchi, Shivpuri National Park, Ujjain and Chitrakut.�

Khajuraho TempleKhajuraho - Situated in Chatarpur District, Khajuraho refers to a group of monuments and it is one of the most popular tourist places in India. Here you can see Jain and Hindu Temples, which were made during the medieval period and sensuous sculptures that are mainly made with sandstones. Tenon joints were used along with the force of gravity to construct the entire monument. Megalith weighing 20 tons was used to make the pillars. The sculpture used in the temples of Khajuraho is realistic look. The area around� Khajuraho has been renovated with rose beds, parks, mowed grass and trees adding more beauty to the place. Every evening� light and sound shows are conducted for visitors. The dance festival in February and March� features classical dance with Chitragupta and Vishwanath Temples in the backdrop.

Sanchi - Located in Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh Sanchi is a small village. It houses several Buddhist monuments built between 3rd century and 12th century. One of the first stone structures in India is the Great Stupa at Sanchi, which people visit from all over the world. On the relics of Buddha a hemispherical brick has been used and crowned by a chatra. It was built to honor and shelter the relics. The names by which Sanchi is popular are Kakanava, Bota-Sriparvata, Kakanadabota and Kakanaya. Emperor Ashoka laid the foundation of Sanchi and made it a religious center.

Bandhavgarh National Park - This national park in Madhya Pradesh is the natural habitat of animals like tiger, leopards, rhesus, gaur, chital, dholes and nilgais. Located 197 km from Jabalpur the name of this park is derived from the forts of Rajasthan and it belongs to the Vindhyan Mountain Range. White tigers of Rewa can be seen here and you can enjoy an elephant ride here as well.

Panchmarhi - A popular retreat and a hill station of Madhya Pradesh, Panchmarhi has visitors throughout the year. The Satpura Range, streams and waterfalls make it attractive for a holiday. You can visit Apsara Vihar for a picnic here and the waterfall, which you should not miss is Rajat Parbat as it falls from 300ft. Chota Mahadev, a narrow point of hills is commonly visited by tourists.

Ujjain - On the bank of Kshipra River, Ujjain is an ancient city of Madhya Pradesh and it has been mentioned in the Mahabharata as well. The places to see in Ujjain are Mahakal Temple, Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan Temple, the temple of Chintaman Ganesh, the temple of Maa Wagheshvari, Siddha Ashram and� Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan museum. offers online information on the Tourist Attractions in Madhya Pradesh and also offers useful inputs about Madhya Pradesh.