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Lakshwadeep is a group of island that lies on the south-western part of India. This group is surrounded by the clear blue water of Arabian Sea. The coral reef allows many sea animals to make their home. This becomes one of the tourist attractions as snorkeling, glass-bottom boat ride, wind surfing are one of the main water-sports that are performed here.

This group of island was mainly discovered in the 70s. The group consists of 36 islands. All these islands are not habitable, only 10 of them bears life and 6 of them are open to the tourists. The majority of the population follows Islam. Their attire, food habits are very close to Kerala. Due to small land area and hard soil the cultivation is poor here but the coconut cultivation is the main crop of these islands.

The locals fully depend on the mainland for their necessary items. The hand made items from coconut fiber are the main handicrafts of the island's natives. Apart from this fishing is the other mode of income which brings foreign exchange to the country.

These islands are well connected with the mainland by daily flights from Kerala. Tourist Information on Lakshwadeep can be obtained from The Lakshwadeep Tourism Department in Cochin. They organize package tours for both domestic as well as international tourists. The daily ferry cruises can take you to Lakshwadeep islands. This cruise starts its journey from Cochin and ends there. Tourists are allowed to visit only 6 islands. Ferries, sail-boats are the only mode of transport other than by air.

The main population of this union territory is Muslim, so the Islamic rituals are mainly observed with grandeur. Other than religious festival every day in Lakshwadeep is filled with fun and enjoyment. The nature will always give you to celebrate and fill the air with merriment

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