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Tourist Guide In Lakshwadeep

Lakshwadeep is a group of coral island situated on the southern part of India, the mainland. There are 36 islands, out of which 10 are in habited. These islands don't have age old history, but the historical monuments give the idea of Hindu habitat in the past.

These islands are the best place to view the marine life in their natural home. The coral reefs are the best place to enjoy the water sports and to have the best recreation.

Water-sport is one of the main attractions in this group of island. Scuba-diving, snorkeling, wind-surfing, parasailing and glass-bottom boat ride are main water-sports that attract tourist eyes. You can relax your self by swimming in the blue clear water of the Arabian Sea.

These islands experience the typical tropical climate. The climate is warm yet very pleasant. The islands invite tourists round the year but the best time to experience the beauty of nature is from the month of September to march. The inflow of tourist is at its peak during these months. The climate ranges from 330 C to 240 C round the year. Due to the sea the temperature remains same all through the year.

These islands can be reached by air route. Daily flights connect these islands with the mainland. The boat cruises are also available that can take you to the Agatti island. These cruises are on the daily basis and you have to make your bookings first to avail the facilities.

The international level tourist accommodations in Lakshwadeep give the tourist to spend their vacations in luxury and comfort. The huts and cottages are also available situated in the midst of nature. The locals don't get disturbed as these hotels are miles away from the local villages and town.

Silvery beaches are the main tourist destinations in Lakshwadeep. These beaches differ from one another in respect of their form, vegetation and marine life. Their individualistic charisma is the sole attraction for the domestic as well as international tourists.

You must carry sun-tan/sun-block lotion, umbrella and swimsuit. For international tourists passport and visa is essential.

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