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Tourist Destinations In Lakshwadeep

This cluster of islands is a perfect beach holiday destination. Tourists have their best holidays in the lap of pure nature. This land can take you to the underwater ride where you can spot all kinds of marine lives. The colorful corals and the hued fish will make your trip a successful one and definitely will add colors to your days in Lakshwadeep.

This group of island is famous for her scenic beauty, silvery beaches, coral reefs and lively marine lives. You can just spend your days relaxing under the sun.

For the tourist only few islands are open and for international tourists 2 islands are accessible. The nature has spread her best beauty and allows us to enjoy it in a true sense. The green flora, typical fauna, colorful underwater lives, the serene beaches are the main attraction. One beach separates the other by her unique beauty.

As these islands do not bear an ancient history, the beaches becomes the sole attraction foe the tourists. The coco-palm engrafts gives the shade to enjoy the silvery beaches. You can rest and enjoy the sun on these beaches.

Water-sports are the most exciting feature of Lakshwadeep. Snorkeling, scuba-diving, windsurfing, parasailing are the top most sport as well as popular one. The experienced trainers will guide you to avail these games. If you are not so sporty person then harmless swimming will make you feel relaxed.

All the islands are not open for the tourists. So islands like Kavaratti, Kalpena, Kadamath, Minicoy and Agatti, Bangaram.

Kavaratti- this is the capital of Lakshwadeep and this place controls all administrative part of the islands. The famous Urja Mosque is situated in this small land and other than this there are more than 50 mosques situated in this place

Agatti-this is famous as the airbase, famously known as gateway of Lakshwadeep. The beautiful Lagoon is situated in this island.

Kadamath-this piece of land is famous among the newly wed couples. The water-sport lovers love to visit this place many times. The water sport institute is located on this island. Scuba diving is famous in this island.

Kalpena-private huts and cheap cottages are available in this island. This island is famous for its beautiful marine life enriched lagoons. This is known as Satellite Island.

Minicoy- this island is situated on the southern most part of the group. This island is near to the Maldives. The age old light house built by British is one of the major attractions of this place. The crystal clear water shows the purity of nature in this island.

Bangaram- this island is open for the tourist. Luxury hotels and resorts are situated in this beautiful island. The silvery beaches, the sunny environment can make your trip a perfect holiday destination.

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