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The group of 36 islands and islets making up the Lakshadweep islands was reorganized under the State Reorganization act of 1956 as the smallest Union Territory of India. The islands were first explored by the British, although there are references to the islands being visited by westerners even before that, including a reported visit by Vasco da Gama, the famous Portuguese explorer. The distance from the mainland of India varies between 200 – 300 kilometers. Tourism in Lakshadweep is a relatively recent development, the government having taken recent measures to promote tourism in this natural coastal paradise.

Tourist attractions:

The islands offer a fantastic tourism experience and are ideal spots for eco- tourism. The tourist attractions in Lakshadweep include major islands like Kavaratti, Agatti, Minicay, and Amini.

The capital of the Lakshadweep islands is the center of administrative and tourism related activities. The island has many trouist attractions the most prominent of which is the marine aquarium which displayas a wide range of marine species. There is a wide rang of water sports and related activities on offer here, including snorkeling, canoeing, and boating in glass-bottomed boats.

This beautiful island lies 200 kilometers from Kavaratti. Being closer to the Maldives, this island has distinctly different culture with the inhabitants speaking a language known as ‘Mahl’. The lifestyle of the people is also heavily influenced by the Maldives. The matrilineal society of this island has interested many observers in the past. A visit to this island promises to be an interesting experience, involving the local lifestyle, crafts, and of course, the splendid scenic beauty of the lagoons and beaches. A large number of water sports and adventure activities are also on offer here. This island is included in all the major tour packages for Lakshadweep.

Bangaram Island:
This island is popular for a host of aquatic activities that includes swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and surfing. There is an abundance of marine life here, and tourists can spot marine species like sharks, turtles, clown fish, surgeonfish, and a large variety of corals. The beaches of this island are fabulous spots for enjoying vacations with family and friends. Some nearby islands like Tinkara, Parali I, and Parali II can be visited by boats from this island.

Andretti and Agatti islands:
The chief religion of the islands, Islam, is said to have been founded in Andretti from where it spread to the rest of the islands. The Agatti Island holds special importance for Lakshadweep, as it is the location of the only airport in the islands. Thus, it can be labeled as the gateway to the Lakshadweep islands. The island connected by domestic airlines flights from Kochi in Kerala, India. A modern tourist complex is yet another facility available in this island. offers all inclusive information about Lakshadweep, in India, and other tourist places in India.

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