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Transportation and Economy of Kerala

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Transportation in Kerala:
Reaching Kerala is easy for any traveler whatsoever as there happen to be several options that you can avail of. Choose any of the following as per your suitability:

By Air:
Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala, is excellently connected to most of the major airports in India, including Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Delhi. Being an international airport, the Thiruvananthapuram Airport offers regular flight services to quite many of the gulf countries. Kochi and Calicut are the two other airports that provide air services to other cities in India.

By Rail:
The railway system in Kerala is well laid helping most of the parts of the state to be linked with the various corners of India. There are around 200 railway stations in Kerala serving the people traveling within the state and to other cities in India. Long-distance express trains link major cities in Kerala to cities beyond the state like Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Kolkata.

By Road:
An excellent road network provides first-rate modes of transport that offer services at regular intermissions. Buses, tourist taxis, cars, and local taxis and autos comprise important modes of road transport in Kerala. A considerable number of National Highways links the state with other parts of South India.

By Water:
Being situated on the coastal belt, waterways are some of the prime options of transportation in Kerala. From Cochin (Kochi), you can travel in the ships that sail regularly towards the Lakshadweep Islands. Inside the state, the backwaters of Kerala act not only as a major transportation medium but also as a tourist lure.

Economy in Kerala:
Located at the southwest tip of India, the state of Kerala is has witnessed growth in various spheres. Kerala boasts of the highest rate of literacy in India, and an excellent public transport system. Over the years tourism in this state has evolved tremendously to be a leading industry with regular government support. Information Technology is another key area of economic excellence in the state. The economy of Kerala largely revolves around tourism, spice and tea trade, and software industry.

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